Tyler Grips??!

Anyone heard of Tyler Grips??? I got a pair from an acquantaince at the gym…didn’t give much thought to it at first…started usin’ them the gym on my warm-up sets…definitely seen a serious improvement in strength…even a bit of muscle on my long lanky arms…(I’m 6’4")…pretty sure it’s tylergrips.com

Probably really good for strongman competitors or powerlifters…anyone else had a similar experience…or even tried them??


added an “s”…not needed…ha!

You’ve been here for one day – four posts and every one of them mentions Tyler Grips.


I love these guys that are more interested in investigating whether or not people have alterior motives than improving their vertical or their a record distance on Farmer’s Walks…

I simply thought it was interesting…I’ve been a fan of this site for a while…finally thought it would be a good idea to get a login and try to contribute…sorry guy for making your ‘spidey sense’ tingle…

Wow, a piece of fucking foam for 40 bucks, can’t beat that eh?