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Tylenol vs Advil

Ive had shoulder pain problem for some time now, which only occurs when I bench. I understand that taking anti-inflammatory drugs like advil or even using a pain reliever like Tylenol is generally not a good idea to take before hitting the gym.

The pain bad enough though that I cant really go heavy enough unless I use something to mask the pain. My question is which one of the two would be better to use if I absolutely need them.

Tylenol. It isn’t a true anti-inflammatory. If you must take something before a workout Tylenol is the lesser of the evils. But it sounds like you really need read up on the difference between the over the counter pain meds before you continue taking anything though. They all stop the pain in different ways with different side effects


See someone who does ART or a Doctor and in the mean time do something other than benching.

In addition to what’s been said…
acetominophen over the long run could have liver issues…for me it only helped with headache pain and fever reduction.

ibuprofen over the long run may cause stomach issues. for me it actually does reduce pain from training but only if I use 600-800mg.

Either way you need to fix the problem at the source with a PT, ART guy or Doctor. The crutch of either drug is only a good fix for about a week