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Tylenol PM


I've been battling insomnia for quite some time and have tried most everything-ZMA, Valerian Root, Melatonin, etc. I was recommended to try some tylenol PM and found that it puts me out pretty hard. My question is how detrimental is this? I do not want to become dependent or anything, I just want to get my sleep patterns back in order. Thanks.


Tylenol is liver harsh. You could try Benadryl if you feel you need something.

There are safer ways to deal with sleep issues that a cognitive therapist could help you with.


More specifically, diphenhydramine HCL usually in 25mg tabs. Benedryl is just a brand name for the same drug that can be bought much less if people understood what they were ingesting. As an antihistamine, it's effects as far as drowsiness are pretty significant.

Zolpidem Tartrate (Ambien) is considered effective over time, however, dependency is high. That means actually seeing a doctor on this would be the wisest advice with diphenhydramine one of the safer alternatives as long as the dosage isn't exceeded.


talk to your doc. Aside from lunesta and ambien there is a new non dependent drug for sleep... I will try to find the name.
the 'PM' part of tylenol PM is diphenhydramine I believe. Either way it is sold without the tylenol (acetominophen) as Simply Sleep.

But talk to your doc if melatonin, relora, zma and other alternatives things haven't helped.


It is also sold in bulk at Sam's for less as simply "Diphenhydramine". That is just coming from one person who doesn't sleep much to another.


Yes. I bought a bottle at Sam's for less than it would cost from my local drug store. And there were three or four hundred tabs in it.