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Tying to Join the 500 Club


So for the past few months I've been half assing my workouts. My squat and deadlift PR is 455 and I want to join the 500 club. What has worked for everyone on increasing their squat and deadlift?


Not half assing workouts usually works wonders. Pick a program that is specifically made for powerlifting like Johnnie Candito's program, Reactive Training Manual or whatever you choose and stick to it. You will hit 500 eventually.


my form try these cues


Check out the articles on T-nation about star complexes and "ramping up" instead of just "warming up." "Ramping up" allowed me in my forties to break my bench press record from my college days.


Some great advice here. In terms of exercises, I've found paused front squats to be a great DL builder. Won't hurt your squat either. For squats, volume tends to work.


My bench has always stunk. I'm at 305 on bench but my squat and deadlift is up to 450


Time under the bar is the best way. There aren't really any shortcuts. Just put in the work and don't get too focused on the end number. It will come. Embrace the work and both goals will fall. Focus mostly on improving your technique.

In the past, I've increased my squat and pull doing more reps; not necessarily crazy heavy weight. 5-10 rep range in the 50-70% range. It'll put some serious muscle on you. You don't necessarily need to do full range of motion either. I'd highly recommend pause squatting and pausing just below the knee on your pulls when repping.

Good luck....


We all have different opinions on this , as far as reps etc. Why not see how the greatest squater deadlifter of all time trained Ed coan. Plus half ass training wont cut it , the first time i pulled 6 plates i was dry heaving in parking lot for 10 minutes before lift.


Personally got a lot out of these templates...



That's actually a pretty normal ratio. I've read about people who define strong as 300+ bench, 400+squat, and 500+ dead lift.