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TX_iron: Strongman & Brazilian Jui Jitsu


Edit: I am now training for stuff. Specifically, BJJ and battle on the Brazos strongman competition in Waco, TX

Westside for skinny Bastards, Washed-up meathead.
6 feet tall; 180-185lbs; 29 years old.

Bench: 245x5
Box squat: 300x3

Bench: 255x3
Box Squat: 315x3

CG Bench: 245x3
Front Squat: 245x3 (bad day)

CG Bench: 245x5 (after 175lb press)
SSB squat: 315x2

Floor press: 265x2, 275x1 (pr)
Squat: 315x3 (pr)

Floor press: ramp to 245x5, rpe 10
Pull-ups: 5 sets of 8, pyramid to +45lbs

DB incline: 12, 10, 8
Landmine abs & v-ups
Rope curls

30 minutes cycle


  • I’m doing BJJ 2 times/week, and on every upper body session I condition. My favorite is tabata with tires and the C2 rower.

  • I was training strongman, and have a few comps under my belt. However after picking up bjj, due to time and recovery one had to take a back seat.

  • due to a wrist injury (bjj) I cant do any supinated work with my right hand.

Thoughts: I’m not really training for anything, I just want to be in better shape in my 30s than I was in my 20s. I turn 30 in a few months. If a cool comp comes up, be it a marathon, a strongman comp, a CrossFit comp, or a spontaneous fight in a Thai ring, I’ll probably go for it.

I keep trying to venture back toward 531 but get way too bogged down. Ws4sb is my go-to. My focus right now is to “bodybuild the upper, athlete the lower,” which ironically came from Jim Wendler. Not dogging 531 by any stretch, we just don’t jive. I love me some variety.



In for your new log!


Thanks! Logging is going to be far more sporadic in this go around, so apologies in advance for the bumpy ride.


Me lower
Squat - ramped to 315x3, 335x1 (smooth)
Deadlift - 10x3 with 315+65lbs chain
kB step ups w 55lb bell
Leg curls

RE upper
Went DC style and felt the pump, finished with some cycling

ME upper
Incline ramped to 185x5, 205x3 (rpe 9)
Ring chins
Trx rear delt

Db Bench - 85s x10,6,3

Tabata row.

Also I got stomped in bjj last night.


Ha no worries man, im already subscribed to heaps of logs and i get tonnesof notifications so its allgood.


So a little behind here…

Still on ws4sb

this week


Incline- ramped to 205 x3
Incline plate machine - 4x10 w 5 second negative
Lots of chins, rows, face pulls, and guns.
Bjj- takedowns, and grappled hard for a total of 24 minutes. I never left the mat. Conditioning is getting SO much better.


Bjj- more takedowns and leglocks, and grappled for 3 consecutive 6 minute rounds

Frankenstein squat- ramp to 225x3
Front squat- ramp to 275x3
180# sandbag to shoulder - emom 12x1
Back raise holding two 70lb DBs - 25 total reps
Step-ups holding two 25lb KB - 3x15

Notes: in my health exam yesterday morning I weighed in (pre breakfast) at 183, and body fat around 11%. Lean Bulking is going well.

Notes: on paper, it seems like my progress is stalling. But, I’m getting consistent numbers while significantly upping the amount of grappling I’m doing. If I came in fresh & hit the same numbers, that might be an indicator of stalling. But that’s not what’s happening. I’m coming in with a lot of cumulative fatigue and tying or even beating old prs.

Am about two weeks into creatine though, so there’s a factor worth considering.


Ramped to 245x4 on pin bench, pins set 1” above chest

Bjj, 3 consecutive 6 minute rounds of grappling

Front squats - ramp to 280x1
Grenade pull-ups - 20 reps
180# sandbag to shoulder - 4 reps, the it popped
RDLs - 315x 13,8,4 (rest pause)
1 mile row

Bjj - worked on Darce chokes
4 x 6minute consecutive rounds grappling

realized via my coach that I often find myself in a position to go for a head-arm triangle, but I never execute. That’s my goal for next time. I’m really learning how to use my legs like a monkey too lol.

Bench - 185 x 17(PR), 8, 8
Pull-ups 50 reps
Seated one arm shoulder press -50x8,8 40x12
Hanging leg raises-3x10
Curls, triceps, rear delts
15 minutes bike

Notes: 186 bodyweight this afternoon, & I’m looking lean & mean. Wife told me yesterday “whatever you’re doing, it’s working.”


Last week
531 strongman (new version)

Day 1
Front squats: ramp to 235x5
Ohp: ramp to 125x8 (poverty much?)
Machine incline: 5x10
Carries w dumbbell

Day 2
Hang clean: ramp to145?x10
Deadlift: ramp to 335x10
Cg Bench: 185# 3x10, 135# 2x10
Biceps, hammies

Day 3
Hang clean & press: 185# 3x5
Sandbag to shoulder: 185# 3x4

And of course some BJJ. Just earned a 3rd stripe on my white belt. Chipping away.

I did get told on Wednesday that [older guy]: “you are the strongest human being I’ve ever seen here. I’ve never seen a bar bend like that in real life, only on tv.”

I know, big fish small pond, but it was a real pick-me-up.


Cycle 1, week 2

Day 1
Press: ramp to 135x8, 95x15 in 60 seconds
Front squat: ramp to 245x6
Lots of grenade pull-ups & dips+45lbs
180# sandbag carries

Day 2

Day 3
BJJ - worked on oma plata, grappled 2 rounds

Day 4
Hang cleans: ramped to 165x8, 135x10
Deadlift: ramped to 345x10
Leg curls, grenade pull-ups, dips

BJJ - more oma plata, then 3 rounds grappling

Day 5
Medley: 5 rounds, push press 2x205, KB press 2x55s
Landmine junk
I still need to get in curls

Notes: I don’t have an axle, so I’m hitting grenade pull-ups hard. I can do like 6 now (for comparison I can churn out 15+ chins in a set).

No training this weekend, we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary!


Happy anniversary man!


Thanks man! I can’t believe it’s been a year already


Congrats on the third stripe. That’s where I’m at right now too but I’ve been out for almost a month with a foot sprain. Congrats on the anniversary too.

I’ll be following along keep up the jits my dude.


Thanks man, time flies when your having fun & getting your butt kicked. You’ll be blue soon enough man. Bummer about the foot. Can you still drill a little with some modifications?

& thanks again, we’ve got a big weekend planned, even though she’s got to study for a lot of it.

Will do man! I’ve lurked around the combat section as well too For tips & tricks.


I probably could, but I’ve been using the downtime to be a bum and spend more time with my soon-to-be 18 year old kid along with spending way too much time in front of a computer.

Belts are funny. I’m not really looking forward to blue, but I’ll get it when my instructor wants to give it to me. I’ve already got a target on me since I’m bigger and stronger than everyone I train with, and being a blue belt will only up the percentage of my rolls that involve younger guys trying to murder me. I’m sure you can relate. One guy I train with is roughly your age, size and strength and he gives people real problems. I find him to be a joy to grapple with, but I’m also a big goon who welcomes the discomfort of good technique joining forces with physical attributes.

BJJ aside, It’s funny how things pan out across our lives and across the internet. A few hours after I posted in your training log I had an exchange with a guy who opened a strongman gym 30 min away and he invited me to come on down to train. I have a lot of love for strongman and everyone who does it so I’m definitely planning on taking him up on that as soon as this foot of mine heals up.

I’m also missing what I intended to be my first BJJ tournament tomorrow due to said injury, but that’s just life.


So I may win the award for the most delayed reply.

Yeah I totally get it. Also I feel like folks are a little loose when it comes to safety while rolling against higher belts, since it’s somewhat assumed they can mitigate risks.

I’ve been making a note to weight train before bjj, so I don’t have the same strength reserves needed to power through otherwise good technique, since I have a history of being too reliant on it.

Since this reply is a month late, have you hit up the strongman gym? I’m not elite in either clearly, though I feel the two compliment each other well. The bjj offers mobility and nasty conditioning, while SM gets you strong in a lot of angles.

The last month I’ve been going 1x/week, just so much going on right now. I’m in external affairs and after hours meetings have been ramping up with some projects we have going on.


I went through two cycles of the new 531 strongman. I hit a deadlift PR if 375x10, and a front squat with 275x4.

I took a whole week off (Deload coincided with lots of travel last week), and am doing a modified 531 beach body for my anchor.

Anchor cycle is:

Day 1
Front squat: 5s pro
Overhead: TM for reps
Sandbag to shoulder: 2 sets
50 curls

Day 2
Front squat: TM for reps
Deadlift: 5s pro
Overhead: 50 reps fsl
100 rows

Day 3
Hang clean: TM for reps, 3x5 fsl
Overhead: 5s pro
Front squat: widowmaker
50 rope chins

Bjj: shooting for 2x/week, 1 gi, 1 no gi


Front squat: ramp to 265x 3,1,1 (rp)
Overhead: ramp to 205x2
180# Bag-to-shoulder: 5 reps, 4 reps
Laying curls: 50 reps

one month out from battle on the brazos. So I’m officially in the roster @flipcollar, see you there.


Not yet. My foot sprain is kind of good to go for jits, but still hurts pretty much all the time. I’ve not been back to my regular class, just a bunch of one-on-one sessions with my brown belt friend and a few other people who sometimes show up. It’s been smashed a few times, which really hurts, and slashed open last week by a guy who didn’t trim his toenails (and didn’t have a good mount escape besides flailing with his feet to defeat my hooks). My brown belt buddy is a physical therapist though, and he says that I’m unlikely to re-injure it in jits.

Otherwise it has been good to learn how to make a lot of stuff work without using a whole lot of my left foot. Bridging off of my heel instead of my toes, being really light on it when standing, not contesting takedowns I otherwise would and making the most once I’m down, making other takedowns work in spite of it, not using live toes in side control, stuff like that.

I don’t feel ready to load it up with a lot of weight and I’m definitely not interested in seeing how loaded carry movements would play out, so I haven’t made it over to the strongman gym yet. I’ve just got really light and honestly pretty uninspired lifting going on right now in my basement gym. I don’t want to show up to a strongman gym and be like “hey I’d like to do yoke walks with you but I have an excuse not to”.

It’s too bad because Big Z is coming for a seminar and dinner on Friday. I’m tempted to go but I’d rather go train jits for free with the best player in an hour radius than spend the $80 to meet a celebrity and take a seminar on a sport I’ve never even tried.

Strongman’s still on the radar though. I’m counting the days until I can use my foot like a normal foot again.

Your deadlift PR is almost exactly what my buddy hit last cycle too (365x10). He finally took my advice and started 5/3/1 earlier this year, so I get messenger updates every time he PR’s, which is great fun for me. He’s also the spazzy white belt who slashed my toe open in jits last Friday! He’s a lot for my old ass to handle.

You two would be a great matchup on the mats. There’s not a lot of guys who are as strong as you guys are at your size training, not that I’ve seen. He’s been training with me and my instructor lately, and we are literally the only two people in his training circle who have a strength edge on him, which is good training for all of us.

He’s going to be a monster if he sticks with it, and so will you. Glad to see you back posting!


I may still end up going to watch, but I’m not gonna compete. I was in a car accident last Monday, been rehabbing from that. I haven’t been in the gym since then, and I haven’t been cleared by my doctor to get back in the gym. It should be an awesome show though, the roster looks great.