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TX Board Of Education


I think I'm starting to understand other reasons as to why our state ranks so low in public education and why the curriculum is a big mess.

From U.S. History textbook revision standards hearing:



He may have been stumbling a bit...and those women looked like they were ready to string him up; cut his nuts off and stuff 'em down his throat...

But it took White legislators and judges; from cities to the Federal Government; to get Civil Rights and Voting Laws passed.



Well,yes..of course. But my thing is,what is his point when those facts are already clear? Almost as if he's trying to discredit someone. Remember this a hearing on what goes in U.S. History books.



Got it, B.


(Those women still looked they wanted to Tex-Mex his dick!)


In 20 years or so, someone will write a post similar to yours only the word 'healthcare' will replace the word 'education'.

Yeah, vote Obama baby!!!! Obama FTW!!!!!


U.S. History books are way to rosey in the first place. We surely don't need to extol the virtues of white males any more than they already are.




LOL! White males, especially those from the British Isles, are responsible for most of humanity's advances. Without us, the world would resemble Darfur and the current state of Zimbabwe would be the 'shining city on the hill' where everyone would want to live.

In fact, I would conjecture that a big reason for America's recent decline is that minorities refuse to adopt middle-class values of hard work and education. If 33% of your students graduate from high school (Cleveland) and a lot of them are the minority white population, it says something about the culture of minorities. The schools are there and they're free, so...they quit to become druggies, criminals, and gang bangers?!?

I'm sure this sounds like some sort of elitist-nazi point of view but facts are facts. White culture(not necessarily white genetics) is superior. Would you rather live in the Congo or in England? Your answer confirms it.


Your tone in this post also lives up to what some stereotype as white culture as well. Which some could say is exuded throughout world history in regards to "white culture."


Read what I said again, carefully. I did not say that we need to downplay the virtues of white culture--I said we need not extol them anymore than they already are. Since you like facts so much, a fact is that U.S. History textbooks, on the whole, dedicate pages and pages and pages to how great white culture is. They dedicate, generally, hardly a few paragraphs on either the flaws of white culture or the virtues of other cultures. This is then the context in which I made my comment, and its validity still stands. The virtues of white culture are there for all to see in U.S. History textbooks--they are indeed over represented (For example, it is common for History textbooks discuss the virtues of the pilgrims, but uncommon for them to mention how the pilgrims were Indian grave robbers.) So, please tell me again what we are to do with our History textbooks in order to make them show more clearly the virtues of white culture? Should we strike out from them what few references to white oppression there are? How about we simply lie and make up things that make white people sound better. I know, how about we make sure to mention whenever a white person was involved in any historical moment, no matter how besides the point the connection is. Beyond these suggestions, I'm not sure how would would make white culture look any better than it already does in U.S. History textbooks.

Anyway, the point is well taken that the man's comments were misplaced. Surely a few paragraphs about how white majorities were really essential tacked onto the end of the woman's suffrage or civil rights sections of History textbooks would be out of place. This fact is obvious, and to mention it would only serve to downplay the minorities themselves. I'll reiterate, us whitey's are certainly represented well enough in our history textbooks.


"White" culture IS great. And I speak as someone from as far as I can tell non white ancestry. lol

On the contrary, we need to emphasize MORE the foundations of our great Western civilization. Other cultures have few merits if at all. The rest of the world, I'm sure you've noticed, sucks. Without Western civilization there would be a dark age.

This isn't a self-esteem grab out of the pot for everybody. How trifling! There are very real and serious issues of national power.


All I know is, there are higher rates of dropping out, gangs, violence, and overall crazy activity going on now than when I was in school. I don't know if this is an issue due to minorities or not. But when I was in school, kids were much more driven and hard working than now. Shit, do you think a student right now even knows what a library is?


The proportion of non-white students has risen and they have brought their culture with them. In those cultures, humans are taught to be like rats. How would a rat function when surrounded by other rats?

I know this sounds terribly prejudiced but I have to look at outcomes. When 70% or more of black children are born out of wedlock and less than 50% of hispanics nation wide ever graduate from high school (and its free...its fucking free!), well, I'm sorry but those are LOSING fucking cultures.

In America, if someone simply graduates from high school and puts off having kids until their mid-20s, life is usually pretty decent. Get more training and the sky's the limit. It ain't that fucking hard.

I worked at night in a factory and went to Michigan during the day. I grew up in the city of Detroit, for crissakes!! If I can do it, why can't minorities? "Oh but they have it SO hard! They're not priveliged like you!" Horse-fucking-shit!

Maybe because I don't mind hard fucking work...


I haven't recently looked any any stats, so this is a serious question. How do dropout rates compare across economic lines? For example, say some high percentage of black students drop out of HS. Is the drop-out percentage of white students who come from the same economic background similar? My intuition is that the rates are similar--ie, that poor white people drop out at almost the same rate as poor black people.

What does this mean? I don't know. Part of what I think it means is that the sort of cultural differences that matter aren't really differences across racial lines, but more so difference across economic lines.

In any case though this is horribly off topic--the topic is whether it is appropriate to point out in some overt way the importance of the white majority in minority rights movements--or at lest the topic is whether or not the speakers comments are justified. I still say no. This has nothing to do with teaching a certain culture--one can teach teenagers good traits like responsibility without shoving down their throats how responsible the good white people of the past were.


Let's teach them the values of native tribes! Yeah baby, take pride in where you come from!! That's the sure road to success...in an advanced technological world...where you have to compete with the Chinese...


I think I will agree with the hard work argument of this post, but the rest might be questionable. I came to the US not speaking a word of English, and there were no ESL classes, and we grew up poor. I had to learn English, the hard way. I graduated from high school with honors, graduated from USC, and went on to do great things for myself. I think that priorities are key, also direction too. Many parents could care less what happens to their kids, my parents were on my ass all the time.

I also think that there is no assimilation of Americanism when those from other cultures come here. I was watching the local news and some Hispanic lady was being interviewed and needed a translator. Then the translator goes on to say that the Hispanic lady has lived in her house for over 20 years. I am thinking, you have lived here for 20 years and you still haven't learned English? WTF?


Yes, but that is a somewhat common trait among first generation immigrants. Back in the day there were plenty of Polish or Italians or Germans or what have you that stuck to their own (neighborhoods and language wise), and were looked down upon by the groups that had immigrated generations ago. Of course the succeeding generations seemed to assimilate pretty well.

I'm not condoning the behavior of those that don't make the effort to do the "American" thing, but it just seems like same shit, different day, except we can distinguish these immigrants by the color of their skin.


Those are high accomplishments on your part and I salute you! I don't care where someone is from or what color they are, if they don't whine and moan about how 'whitey has stacked the deck'.

And has you allude, we're going nowhere fast if we teach people to celebrate cultures from which their ancestors FLED!


That's actually a very good point. Or from which they themselves fled. However, there is a natural inclination in the human condition to maintain some connection to one's ancestry. A thing I don't see necessarily as a negative if kept in perspective.

I have a customer who came here from an African country I can't recall at the moment. He has a distinct accent, but speaks fluent English. He's an interesting guy actually. From the limited chit chat I've had with him that wasn't about his computer he seems to have a fairly conservative attitude about social issues of all things.

He has African masks and little statues and knick knacks all over the place, but the only flag is the large stars and stripes on his porch. He also has his original certificate of citizenship from 1983 in a frame with patriotic themes above his desk and a bald eagle paper weight.


I agree with this, I still enjoy my Italian heritage, but embrace the America I grew up in. People have often asked me why I dont go back and live there, and its because I know how great it is here. Its not perfect, but even with its problems, is still the best place on Earth to live. My whole family had to learn the language and we did, we realized to be a part of a country, you have to learn its culture. You have to basically become American, and we did. When I see people talking shit about this country it really makes me mad, I see these people who march with the flags of other countries and think GTFO! If you want to be in America, you need to become a part of it, you learn the laws, language, customs, and all that comes with it.