Two Years Training, Fat Loss & Muscle Building

I got down from 264 lbs to 193 lbs. Then I noticed a significant decrease in strength and decided to start weight lifting. Here I am two years later at 6’2 and 213 lbs. I still need more work and I want to reach 220 right now. It’s very difficult for me to gain weight but I eat quite a lot, here’s what usually eat:

Breakfast: 4 whole eggs, cup of milk.
Between breakfast and lunch: a light sandwich and a cup of milk.
Lunch: whatever my mother cooks.
Pre-workout: a can of tuna or a light sandwich, and a cup of milk.
Post workout: a snack such as a snickers bar.
Dinner: can of tuna with a can of corn, or two turkey sandwiches and a can of tuna.
Before sleep: cup of milk.

It’s hard to get any supplements were I live because they cost anywhere from $100 to $200.

My current stats are:
Deadlift: 330 lbs.
Squat: 308 lbs. (shitty I know).
Bench: 220 lbs.
EZ Bar curl: 154 lbs.
Standing military press: 154 lbs.
Arms: 15.5 inches.

I didn’t take any leg pics but they are coming.
I know I need a lot more work, but I want to get feedback on where am I standing right know, and if this is good progress.

1st pic



I don’t know what this is, lol.

Before and after.


As far as fat loss goes, you did a pretty good job.

Post workout, eat some meat in addition to that candy bar, you need protein immediately after lifting/cardio.

General rules of thumb for eating:

1)Less carbs
2)More protein
3)More eggs
4)More variety in meat besides tuna…buy some beef, turkey, chicken, steak, sausage, ham, whatever, and cook that yourself. You shouldn’t have to rely on your mom to do your cooking. Hell, I started buying most of my food and taking care of it at 16/17 years old, and you’re definitely older than that. Take charge.

Thanks, I’ll start buying me some cookbooks, hehe. Anyways as regarding training I used a split like this:
Monday: Back + Biceps
Tuesday: Chest + Triceps
Wednesday: Legs + Calves
Thursday: Delts + Traps
Friday: Arms
I was thinking of starting doing Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 routine, does anyone know how good it is for mass?

There’s many articles and threads on 5/3/1 use that Search Function.

And “how good it is for mass” doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Good at gaining mass? Good at retaining mass? Good at what with mass? The only thing lifting weights can do is redefine mass from fat to muscle. Diet and Energy used is going to control whether you gain or lose mass in the process.

Thanks. I do use lots of energy in my workouts, the trainers at my gym usually advise 5 exercises per large muscle group with 4 sets each, and 3 exercises per small muscle group (tris, bis, and traps) again with 4 sets each.

Good progress. Look into the I,Bodybuilder program on this site. I’m 10 weeks in and the results are really good. Also, search for the HSS-100 program on this site. It’s a 16 week program that gave me great results.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks man, I will.

Your fat loss so far is great, you look like a different person. You gotta get your diet straightened out if you plan to put on any mass. No supplements or training routine will give you the results that proper nutrition will.

You have done a really good job so far man.

I would look up a poster named SSC on this site, and pick his brain as to what he did at this point in his lifting career, as I believe he was once in a similar situation as you.

I think you should correspond with people that have done what you have. Worst possible thing you can do is jump on some program that isn’t going to do anything but get you fat again, for various reasons.

I would think a low volume, “strength” based program isn’t going to help you at this point. I mean, I haven’t had to lose a ton of weight in my life, but I would speculate that a higher volume program with some low intensity steady state cardio and proper diet and you’ll pack on some good muscle. But again, I haven’t lived through it.

So, find some people that have done what you have done (SSC) and ask them their opinions.

This is how I looked across the years.

I wish I could give you a rating based on hard work and progress in becoming healthier and losing a ton of fat. I would give you a 10.

Unfortunately it is a RMP forum, so I can’t do that, but I can just keep encouraging you to do what you’re doing, because you’ve made some insane progress, and you’re ready to pack on the muscle with a good diet/lifting routine.

Great job and keep it up!

Thanks a lot man, I love training so I’ll do anything to keep on doing it.

first of all i’d like to say GREAT PROGRESS…you’re doing all the right things for starting out talking with the trainers at the gym, being conscientious about ur diet…one thing that concerns me is that you stated in your post that you ez bar curl 154 lbs…

looking at your pix it would seem to me that if you are curling that much that form isn’t your primary concern…at this point DONT WORRY ABOUT THE WEIGHT don’t lift with your ego do proper form and with time the weight will come…it seems to me that amount you can lift seems to concern you from your statement “308 lbs squat (shitty i know)”…

you need to change your thinking about weights and focus on strict form if you want to make gains in the shortest amount of time…if you’re not sure about form talk to the trainers in your gym and be like hey man can you watch me do these curls and critique my form or watch me squat and let me know if im sticking my ass out first and going down far enough and not bouncing etc etc…

it’s ok to cheat on a last rep or two to get some good negatives but for the most part you need to FOCUS ON FORM…as far as not having supplements it would be a very wise choice to invest in at least some form of whey protein to take as soon as you wake up and right after lifting…

ask your mom for it for ur bday cut ur neighbors grass do anything but GET SOME WHEY PROTEIN…after u sleep and after u lift are CRUCIAL times to get some fast digesting protein you want to turn your catabolic state into anabolic asap…try consuming some fast digesting carbs (orange juice, gatorade, etc. etc.) right when u wake up and after lifting followed by a whey protein shake…

some supplement websites may ship international or some ebay sellers im not sure don’t quote me on that but definetely do anything u can do to get some whey protein…keep up the good work keep and when u get in a rut don’t get discouraged cuz at first ull notice lots of differeces but than u won’t for a while unless u constantly switch up the routine…

just keep on keeping on and remember good form, get some whey protein, and switch it up

This is how I look lately, right now I’m 216 lbs.