Two Years Progress

So a little over 2 years of lifting and I’ve gained over 60 pounds, I’m 6’3 and I was weighing 145 pounds, right now I’m sitting at about 208 at 20 years old. I started pretty soon after high school graduation and got up to 215 in about 18 months, I had joined the Air National Guard and went to basic training in August of this year, I came back home in October to find I weighed about 180 and I’ve managed to put on nearly 30 pounds since then. So while my weight hasn’t fluctuated so much compared to this time last year, my body composition has improved. I leave again for training in February so I’m hoping I’ll be able to continue lifting while I’m there.

Found an old thread that includes older photos from February and earlier.

It’s pretty rare that we actually get follow-ups to threads around here, nevermind follow-ups over such a long period of time, nevermind follow-ups that show legit progress.

Great work on the results and great work on sticking with it. Lots of guys here have been in the military and should be able to give you some tips for lifting while in training.

Thank you. This website has done a lot for me, so I’m appreciative of that. I’ve learned a lot of life lessons beyond just being healthier, bigger and stronger.