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Two Years Off, I Could Cry


Hi all, ive had a shoulder injury from a car accident two years ago. Its taken this long (typical british NHS rubbish) to get the full results of the injury through physical exams, x-rays and MRI scans. I've been searching the internet for info on the usual "big words" form the report but still dont really understand what it all means :frowning:

Would anyone have a clue to what it all means???

Doctors report;

"There is a mild degenerative change of the AC joint and mild synovitis. There is indentation of the supraspinatus by the inferolateral aspect of the clavicle.
The acromion has a flat underside and mild infolateral tilt."

Thanks loads for any replies, two years without any REAL treaning is wrecking my head i need to get this sorted.

Thanks neil.


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It means you probably should have returned to training...1 year and 11 months ago.


Irvs i feel your pain man. Although i dont exactly have the same condition as you, ive been diagnosed with "distal clavicle osteolysis". Ive been to 5 doctors and all of em saying that i need a year or 2 for recovery and they dfont recommend surgery. Ive been out for 4 months with no improvement what so ever and doesnt look like ill be lifting any time soon and lost a great deal of muscle.

Not trying hijack your thread. but i was hoping if "bushidobadboy" can take a look. You had commented on a similar post in 04 and was hoping you could give me your opinion on my condition. Tried to PM u but not sure if it got through.

THanks and wish u a speedy recovery buddy!!


oh, sorry forgot to post the link to my thread :


I also had an MRI and 2 more xrays done after posting.

Thanks in advance.


hey cheers for the info bushidobadboy, yea shoulder pain sucks hope you get yours sorted karim.arafa. i had to lay of the weights and MMA so running has been my friend the past wile.

thanks neil