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Two Years In, Increasing 1RM?


I feel like I am still new two years into resistance training. I started with 5x5 outgrew it, swtiched to 5/3/1 for a year, had some joint issues, now am doing apre 10rm. My question is do you think my 1rm will increase using this program? I do 2 warm up sets, and 2 10rm sets to failure.

My body is really feeling good using 10rm max weight instead of 5rm or 3rm weight. I am gaining size, am a lot more hungry and feeling stronger. I train 4 days a week with each day being a large exercise (squat, bench, deadlift, military press) and a some accessory work. I am ready to look like I mean business.


Is it optimal for strength? Eh, maybe not. Push(and pull) as fast as possible on your reps -- this will help build strength more.

That said -- imagine your 1RM bench is 225. After some months of training, you get your 2 sets of 10 up to 215. Don't you think your 1RM would have gone up drastically?


Exactly. While it may not be the best way to increase the 1RM, getting stronger means getting stronger. Kind of the same philosophy with 5/3/1. Getting stronger at any rep range will mean an increased 1RM, within reason of course.


that makes sense. I like the 10rm max because a little size cant hurt and I feel like my joints are happier. I am going to beast up tomorrow. it takes a long time to get really strong. years not months in my case. can I get a witness? when I started training I two years ago I did not know I would stay with it like I have and I did not now how fricken hard it was to grind barbells week in week out, when you are tired, on vacation. I love it. it has become a lifestyle. trt is helping too.