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Two Workouts In One Day?

Hi all,
I was just wondering how long would be sufficient between say a full body high intensity workout (with sets like 5*3) and energy systems work, in my case a boxing class just so im fresh enough to keep up in sparring and stuff, thanks.

Do what works for you :slight_smile:

I thought I read an article saying that 4 hours is good, yet I need a full 12 hours (recommended by someone else) to get a good workout.

But, that is just me.

I agree w/ Atlas–do what feels good. Try it out, and if it’s kicking your ass, then lay off. Generally, if I do two of anything in one day, one’s a lighter version (or even 2 light versions).

There are a lot of variables here…age, sleep, diet, etc. However my advice would be, try to keep your lifting session under 45 minutes. In the past when I’ve done 2 lifting workouts a day I would go at 6:00 am and 5 or 6 pm, and keep both workouts under 45 minutes.

Have you tried reading CW’s High Frequency workout?

Again do what feels suitable for you but I work at a gym and open in the mornings and come back and close at nights. So I do a double and sometimes triple-split system. The key is keep the workouts under preferably 40 min each and in my case usually 6 hours apart. I saw almost immediate gains. Remember to eat more because your expending more calories then usual and ramping up your metabolism twice.

Anyone have a link to the CW high frequency program?

[quote]SpeedStrength wrote:
Anyone have a link to the CW high frequency program?


If you go to the end of the thread, there is a link to a Zip file with all of his programs and links to the original articles, including the High Frequency one.