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Two Wheeled King of the World


Any one else feel like a complete badass when they ride their motorcycle?

Every time i get on my dyna and open up the throttle and hear my pipes screamin im overcome with an extreme case of euphoria.

Do other motorcyle riders feel like they are the biggest badass on the road? ive never felt anything like it, but when im on my bike i just feel way cooler than everyone i see and im really not cool. Im a socialy awkward guy who likes to lift heavy things and eat. People say im socially akward, but put me on a motorcycle and i feel like everyone thinks im the coolest dude around.


GTFO of this place. You will be tormented, beaten, and possibly fapped upon.


Not as cool as I am on my longboard skateboard!



I ride of course and have nothing to add, will wait to see how this turns out.


SO, OP, did someone on a bike piss you off or something? Or do you really think that being on your cruiser makes you so bad ass you need to tell Tnation how badass you feel, even though you're not?

I ride, and love it, but I don't feel like a huge badass. I let the Harley riders do that :slight_smile:

No offense...two wheels is two wheels, I'm just sayin...


Oh, sorry DJHT, I didn't mean you, of course


Its cool I didnt think that. I ride a cruiser harley cause I am old and my knees cant take a sporty anymore.


Haha, when I get old I'll probably pick up a can-am spyder, those things are bad ass!




you know i was going to post that myself, lol but decided against it....now im actually watching the Fish sticks episode lol

[edit] "because i am a GENIUS, i have ASCERTAINED that fish have gills. Doctor, DO i have gills?"


I agree but I just want to ride Or drive one first. I love my bike and I have those mornings after working out and riding to work that I feel on top of the world. I didnt want to give the OP a hard time.


I drive a Bike-cycle


There we go. I was beginning to think no one was going to spike that lob.


Dude, you're cool. :wink: I'm 30, and still skate my town all year round with a 10 yo short board. We rock!