Two Weeks Muscle Loss

Hey guys,

I’ve been training for some time now, anyway my gym closed for two weeks for renovations. Because of that I didn’t train for those two weeks, but I still ate the same as if I’d been training. So to the point is it possible that I could have lost muscle during the break. Also two more things I’m not sure if this makes any difference, I was ill about three months ago so I had to take about two weeks of then as well. Also after my first day back after the two weeks I felt sore as like when I first started.

Thanks for any information.

i am also wondering about this, because i am thinking of taking a few weeks off.

i wouldn’t be sometime to give advice about this, but i would think taking a couple weeks off won’t really hurt you. what does everybody else say?

You won’t lose any appreciable muscle in 2 weeks, but being unusually sore after a layoff is normal. People are different, but 2 weeks isn’t going to set you back and you may actually see a bump in gains by a bit when you start up again.

I had to take a month off, last year, after I had undergone an 8 hour surgical procedure. I came back to the gym better than ever, though I did drop about 5 lbs. My strength came back after 2 weeks of building back up, but it wasn’t too bad.

Don’t fret some time off here and there. As long as you get back to your routine, your “muscle memory” should be able to catch you up to where you left off, without it taking like multiple months to build back up.

Thanks for all the feedback. Tiribulus you have put my mind to rest.

I regularly take breaks from my training, these breaks last from 3-14 days. I actually get bigger in these periods.

But you must be careful with the first workout after a break, you need to take it gradually.