Two Weeks Into Winstrol + Test

lol, I’m doing ok. Here’s pics. Like I said upfront, no idea how accurate the InBody thing is… seems sus to me that you can grab on to two metal poles and it can read so much, but i’m going off what it says!

Oh, this is also completely cold and coming off a big meal, not post-workout!


Are we done or you will keep whoring for my attention by replying to my comments and tagging me?

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Good to know. I hope now we can do what i offered months ago - you do you, i do me, amd we just skip past each other and we will not ruin other peoples threads. Cheers

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I hope this added to the thread. I don’t think it was ruined. Value added discussion on reality vs fantasy land.

Best wishes. Based on your feedback I will look into joining one of those fitness places with weights to lift.

Not ruined, certainly diminished.


Looking swole brother. I would say the Inbody impedance is measuring you a little lower than you are but it should be good for tracking your progress regardless of in accuracies. Either way you’re heading in the right direction and looking great!


Agreed. I wonder about the original BF% as well.

Get used to guys “estimating” BF at 10% and then posting pics that are closer to 20%. This was a bit unexpected, but maybe I’m a cynic.

Nice work OP.

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I don’t put a lot of stock in those machines outside of a Dexa Scan. The impedance machines are so inaccurate depending on hydration levels. Take my avatar as an example, I was measuring 17% on my Inbody. I thought I looked less, but couldn’t care either way. I just go by the mirror.

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I would measure 8-10% on inbody in those pics above. Yes the multi-compartment InBody more accurate for some than others. I would estimate 15-18% BF on OPs pics above by DEXA or full autopsy.

Either way the relative Inbody data shows he is doing great and wonferful direction.

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I only put stock in the mirror.


That requires functional vision and a realistic sense of your own body development. As shown above some folks are better at that than others (not sure whose reality to believe anymore LMAO). Here’s to you Internet!

I’m gonna pick up this weight lifting thing today thanks to Hank. Gotta find me a Curves for Women near me.

Then allow me to qualify. The only person I see in the mirror is myself. It is on ME to be an objective judge of what the mirror is saying. I will not tell a person what they see in the mirror. That is on them.

A pic is for all to judge, if they so wish.

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That is a good sign unless one or more people are standing next to you. Then you should probably register them as well. I am pretty sure some of those skinny and obese teens in the gym only register themselves in the mirror even though many others standing around them. Anyway I should not know about that as I have never lifted a weight in the gym. I guess I could have theoretically just went in there and stood there for 2 hours for many years. Oh well.


If they are obstructing your assessment, move.
I never asked anyone if I was cut enough. The mirror was my feedback, until judgment day; then it was in the hands of seven.

My point is that I trust absolutely NO % body fat measurement. The mirror is my final say. I stand firm that no body fat measurement is worth relying on. As to progress, if the gauge is repeatable, it is a reasonable metric (but for progress only.)

As you can tell, I am not addressing anyone’s grasp of reality. I don’t care. You can only kid yourself. And to what benefit, other than some fantasy ego fulfilment.


You need help. I’m not being mean, but you have an obsessive need to be right, and it’s unhealthy.

A good first step would be to stop posting. Then, get off the internet completely.

Please, see a therapist before you spiral.


Thanks for the unsolicited advice. You presumeth much. I have already spiraled. Been there. Therapists gave up. They all eventually admitted I was correct. Comes in handy in my day job though where that is my job…To be correct in my facts. Tell it to the people who design the airplanes you may fly in or bridges you may use.

Some of you should try it some time as a refreshing change.


BTW I did like your comment one time about “…merged with the stupid thread.” Funny that the Pharma forum description now reads “safer” instead of “safe”. Somebody always has to do the work that others enjoy for free.

You do bring up a great point. The more someone puts forth effort on here to provide high quality info the more they seem to get shit on. That seems to be why the brightest people on here don’t last very long.

Take care. Aim high.

The skinny teenager who does not lift

I gotta say that is some funny sh*t. Internet BigBoys. Gotta love em.

So quick update, i’m now nearly 4 weeks in. Turned out I misspoke on my InBody, it was a ltitle higher than 13% BF, but my latest this morning is sub 13% at 12.8% BF (attached). I am starting to see the positive impacts of the addition of Winstol, albeit my dosage is quite low from everything i’ve read for my size. I had planned on running 4 weeks on this cycle but i will extend to 6 as i’m not really experiencing any negative effects. I have heard people complain about joint pain, I have a little of this, but not at all debilitating as some have said they have experienced.

I’ve noticed that my training has definitely improved, with less fatigue, longer training sessions, and quicker recovery. I have upped my Deadlift and Squat PRs to 535lb each (strapped, wrapped and belted) in the last sessions on each. I’m also starting to see a bit more definition, especially in my back (pics attached).

I haven’t seen dramatic changes, but the progress that the InBody is tracking is definitely on the right trend. Interesting form the InBody that I have pretty much shed 4lb in weight over the last month, while only decreasing 1lb in muscle. I see that as a positive. I have been eating as much protein as I can stuff in, but still seeming on a deficit. Overall, interesting results but i don’t have a particularly defined strategy for mass/fat/muscle makeup, so I am just chasing trends I perceive to be positive right now and all that is going in the right direction. (pics once again, are completely cold, not post-gym)