Two Weeks Into Winstrol + Test

I’ve been on 200mg TRT weekly for about 5 months and for the last 2 weeks, I’ve started adding 30mg Stanozolol / Winstol daily orally.

The TRT has been spectacular and i shifted 20lb of muscle from fat (from body scans) over the last few months coupled with hard weights and diet daily.

I’ve seen a little effect so far from adding the Winstrol but nothing spectacular. I want to check if you all think im doing this right? Is 30mg a day too low for my size? Do i need to dose twice? Im just taking one tablet a day right now first thing.

I’m 6’4 / 260lbs / 40 Y/O / 13% BF

How long should i be going before i start seeing bigger impact? I was planning on a 4-6 week cycle for this first time around.

If goal is muscle - are you gaining weight weekly?
If goal is to cut - are you losing weight weekly?

Can we get some sanity about TRT?

I never took more exogenous testosterone than 200mg/wk, but would never say I was on TRT. What 200mg/wk is, is “enhanced exogenous testosterone replacement of my testosterone” or EETRMT. Rant over.

IMO, you should notice a difference with 30mg/day of oral Winstrol. I would question its quality. Though Winstrol is not a great solo AAS for strength gains. I liked the muscle volume on Winstrol. Add another AAS, like Deca or Tren.


Im not sure im following the rant RT_nomad. I apologize if i touched a nerve on something. I did bloodwork 6 months ago and found out my trstosterone was very low (<100) and so started TRT. Im still in a phase where that is pretty impacful on my strength/growth i though it important to include. I have converted ~20lb of fat to muscle over last 5 months while getting pinned with TRT weekly, and figured a Winstrol cycle would be a good way to accentuate muscle growth, but not sure how much difference i should be expecting to see. Ive been a litlte underwhelmed so far.

Week 1 - weight dropped by 5 lbs and muscle.mass by 4lbs, seemed i was getting sefinition and cut but also a little smaller

Week 2 - focused on eating big and back up 3lbs, body shape seeks restored with a bit more strength/endurance (maybe 10%)

Also this is my first post on here so not sure regarding decorum of proper terminology, just trying to learn!

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I find this skeptical. 99% of people who think they are in the low teens for BF are actually greater than 20%. I hope you prove to be the outlier.

Winstrol has a half life of 9 hours. Splitting the dose up would be preferable.

With orals I usually started noticing changes at the 1-2 week mark.

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It is about the definition of TRT. There a few different camps, most are centered on what gives them their desired outcome. I try to look at this more analytically. IMO, TRT is testosterone therapy to get your testosterone to a value that is age appropriate with some exceptions. The older a person gets might require an appropriate amount to keep your body functioning as close to optimal as testosterone can benefit.

My doctor is trying to keep my Total Testosterone between 500 and 800ng/dL tested in the trough. I pin 100mg testosterone cypionate every 5 days (or 140mg/wk). I am 74 years old.

I took AAS to put on muscle and that was the only reason I took them. The first 6 years I never took testosterone, but only took anabolics, particularly Dianabol. It is a good singularly used AAS for putting on muscle. It was the go-to steroid of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Now to your point. Winstrol was available (along with Anavar and Anadrol). Very few that took Winstrol didn’t stack it with either Dianabol or Anadrol. In other words, very few thought Winstrol was a good stand alone steroid.

That said, it Winstrol might stack well with testosterone, but I have no experience doing so. But to say that when I did run Winstrol, I stacked it with 200mg/wk of Deca and 200mg/wk testosterone.

Search threads on “what is TRT and what is not”, or something like that. There is plenty of discussion. You can decide if 200mg/wk of testosterone is TRT, or not.``

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When someone else suggests the same thing, he might give it some consideration.


My first take is that OP doesn’t really care about terminology, but just wants to put on more muscle. I would say he is taking ETMG (enhanced testosterone for muscle growth), which I just made up. I would prefer people quit trying to put a label on their testosterone dosage and just say the amount and frequency.

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I still prefer “TOT” or “TRT+” but I’m on the same page as you guys regardless.

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Oh man, I stepped into a hornets nest :rofl:

@RT_Nomad and @readalot, I appreciate all the information regarding the impacts of Testosterone and applications, I am just starting on this stuff and have been doing to the doctor to determine and administer dosage. I will say that when I did my first bloodwood, doctor shared that my T levels were ‘that of a 90 year old man’ and that’s what kicked me off 5-6 months ago to start getting back into fitness heavily. As I’m working my way back to a normal range for a 40 year old (still not there based on my most recent blood work), I am seeing excellent results from the injections, and have been looking to enhance those results with as reasonable a degree of safety as possible. I don’t know anyone that seems to be doing anything at my regular gym (I go to a community gym in my town, well equipped, but there’s very few people lifting heavy), so I’m trying to navigate my way around what is a new world to me, having never taken anything more than OTC supplements in the past.

Blockquote [quote=“blshaw, post:1, topic:281957”]
I find this skeptical. 99% of people who think they are in the low teens for BF are actually greater than 20%. I hope you prove to be the outlier.
I don’t have a pic of the most recent one, but I think it was down to 13%, here’s the InBody scan from last week at 13.7%.

I know these machines are not always accurate but its what I have to go off!

I appreciate the advice regarding splitting up dosage, I’ll start doing that.

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Curious what were your lab values for TT/FT?

Thanks, working on it!

I’d question the InBody accuracy. BF% doesn’t really matter, and measurements are notoriously inaccurate (as you noted) but that type of recomp strains credibility (of the measurement, not yours).

Srsly, 256 @13% is a FFMI of 27.8 - which indicates heavy AAS usage - a description that is not applicable to your TRT dosage.

It is possible that you are an outlier, but not likely.


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No… You should stay

you’re a valued poster, your insight is always appreciated.

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Prims is the only anagram of prism.

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You’re not the only one.

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Yep, I get it. But… your FFMI is below 25 - the AAS threshold (which is probably a bunk measurement as well). His is 27.8 - a significant difference considering only five months of TRT.

Again, an opinion based on experience - not an objective fact.


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