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Two Weeks Into PCT, I Injected Test Cypionate

I know, I know how did I get myself in this predicament. I’ll explain: so I’ve been trying to get on a fertility protocol for the past few weeks. I have been three weeks off of testosterone altogether, taking a Enclomiphene 25 mg every other day, I was taking hCG towards the end of my injections. And I was on TRT for over a year.

I’ve been feeling absolutely awful, and today I honestly caved and pinned 30 mg of test cyp, As I decided to bail on this fertility protocol. I know many of you would judge me for being a wimp and not toughing it out, and you’re absolutely right. But I’m at this point what would you do if you were in my position? Just get back on TRT or would I have to start my PCT fertility protocol from the beginning?

Well that’s no accident lol. Here I thought you slipped and fell on a full syringe :rofl:. Anyway, 30mg will be down to a negligible amount in a couple weeks, so if you want to stay on this fertility track you haven’t done any real damage


hahah I know. I just didnt know how to word the thread title without sounding like a complete idiot.

Which in all honesty is a well-deserved title lol :man_facepalming:

What’s the point of this PCT anyway? Is it just for fertility?

Yes. was hoping to get started now,
but so much on my plate idk of the decrease In energy and mental fortitude is good at the moment

Think I should extend the “PCT” for a couple more weeks then?

Guys have conceived on testosterone and enclomiphine and on testosterone and hCG.

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Like @highpull said, plenty of guys have conceived while on TRT. Keep the test there, add in the extras if it’s just not happening. You already know you can’t do it if your libido and energy aren’t there.

If I understand correctly, then only 30mgs of test cyp and ONLY that have been injected.

With the release rate of test cyp I don’t even think one shot of 30mgs will even do anything appreciable in regards to your levels. It’s halflife dictates that only 15 mgs will get 'digested" over the next 7-11 days. And most of that gets used on the first two days probably. I don’t even know if that is enough for your body to notice in regards to adjusting it’s own natural levels to compensate.