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Two Weeks In


and now i'm typing with one hand!!!
today i pulled my arm out of socket and i was told not to lift for 2weeks so i'm pissed, guess i could work on my abs and legs until i heal



btw... i'm much sexier than the man in my picture just so you know


Why are you here? Go away.


better go away before the spaniard stabs you with his sword........its guysonguys.com your looking for....




cortes has a boy hanging upsidedown kissing a man with a sword for an avatar AND THAT'S WHAT'S GAY!

Should i continue my cycle or shut'er down?
do i need anti-estrogen if i've only been on it two weeks?


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re-up after full recovery



Stop cycle here, shutdown should be minimal at 2 weeks. Start back up when you are fully returned to normal and ready to use an injectable.


Karma has a funny way of working doesn't it...



...if this post is for real, that is.


It's real, research his posts.


I have. He always struck me as a pure troll.


You're running an Anadrol only cycle, and you're a douchebag?

I hope you get dick cancer.


I got pretty damn huge in those two weeks
and yeah karma got me. I think it has more to do with the fact that I didn't need the shit, but I'm hardheaded and after spending all that money on it... You live and you learn I suppose.

P.S. I hope you just grow a dick Regan.


It's Reagan, you uneducated prick.


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Bah, I guess I've been a bit of a jerk lately. I need to restrain myself.


I'm not the one posting to a men's board under a woman's handle attempting to convince all of the members of how sexy he is.