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Two Weeks From BJJ Comp.

ok i am about 2 weeks away fron my bjj COMP.i have about 5lbs left to loose.i am 205 and i have to be 199.9lbs max.with that said does anybody have any natural ways to shed off about 5-6 lbs safely before the comp. here’s my training schedule.

mon-wed-fri- circuit training for about 1-1.5 hrs

tue-thurs- rolling and kickboxing(mui-thai)
2hours a day split into two-a-days

and saturday for 3 hours.

maybe a few things as far as diet i can cut out or get rid of unwanted body water.

a sample meal is 1 boneless/skinless chicken breast and veg and a salad.

after work out maybe some soup or a sandwich.

breakfast is norm. a wheat bagel or some eggs plain with oatmeal.

i am 6ft 1in and pretty lean.i only have 1 picture but it’s a few months ago.but any advice i s thankfully taken.