Two Week Cycles?

Curious if anyone has tried Nelson Montana’s approach to cycling? He’s an advocate of 2 weeks on, followed by 4 weeks off. The 2 weeks on is typically a stack of 2 short estered compounds…such as primo and dbol, or tren and winny…

I’m experienced in pinning and everything that goes along with it, so fear of the needle is not the reason I ask this. But has anyone experienced with 2 wk dbol cycles? I would obviously run letro during these 2 wks, as well as an ECA stack. Just have some extra laying around and don’t care to do an 8-12 wk cycle right now and spend the extra money to get my typical enanthate/eq.

All feedback appreciated, so long as you speak from experience…Not one of these clowns that say, "Dbol only cycles don’t work and are for pussys…"simply because they’ve read that somewhere on a thread…I too, am capable of reading others experiences, now I want to hear YOURS.



I bet if you bump it one more time you will yield plenty of results.