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Two Uses for the Smith Machine

Lest we totally ‘dis’ the Smith Machine as just a plate storage rack or expensive coat rack, I actually discovered a couple good uses for it…

The cable-crossover machine, which doubles as the chin/pull-up station at my gym was being heavily used and I was short on workout time (1 hour to walk-to/change/workout/shower/walk-back-to-work)

I needed to do pulls/chins/leg-lifts, so I went to ol’ Smiffy:


The top framing makes for a very comfortable grip to do chins and pulls-- feels like a smoothed, metal 2x4, and is angled to accommodate supine or pronated grips.

I happen to leave the bar at about the 3rd level from the floor, about 30 inches or so, and while hanging on the frame, lifted my legs (ie calves) and rested them on the bar. So imagine hanging from the top legs straight and angled about 130 degrees.

I held my legs about 1 inch above the bar and pulled them into chest, slowly, then straight down, back up, then back over the bar-- BUT WITHOUT TOUCHING THE BAR. Repeated for 10 x 5 sets.

Not letting them touch the bar on the way back gets tough after awhile.

Gotta make due with what ya got, when ya got it, rather than stand around with your thumbs… well, you know… :wink: