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Two Unrelated Muscle Questions

  1. Is the rear lat spread pose performed the same as the lat spread pose from the front…just looked at from the other side? (hands tucked in to the ribs, elbows forward and up)

  2. I have a very strange pain in both of my legs and I have no idea what could be causing it. Just below the medial head of my gastrocnemius(inside calf muscle) and above my ankle the whole region (maybe 3 inches) is very sore to the touch as though it were bruised…though there’s no bruising and it’s been this way for months…maybe years don’t know when I first noticed it.

It doesn’t bother me while training or after training…only if I probe it or hit it. It’s odd that both legs are like this although the right leg is a bit worse. Maybe I walk funny or something?

Any ideas what this could be?

Front lat spread- standing in front of the judges, legs at shoulder width, competitors place their hands, preferably closed, against the lower part of the waist, expanding the lattisimus dorsi. Simultaneously, competitors most contract all the muscles possible of the anterior part of the body.

Firstly, judges prove if the expansion is good and can create a V taper silhouette, following up with the inspection of the entire body, observing general aspects to concentrate then on the details of each muscle group.

Rear lat spread- competitors situate backwards to the judges and place their hands on the waist maintaining a fair elbow separation and one leg displaced to the back, heel elevated and the weight lies on the toes of your feet. Lats must be contracted to achieve maximal expansion, and show calf contraction pressing with the toes. Judges must pay attention on back width/expansion as well as muscular density, concluding their exam with the inspection of the entire body.

I got the info from the rules for Physique on the Federation down here.

I think you have the priority of bringing the shoulders up on the front lat spread to, redundantly speaking, showing the lats from the front. Midsection most be focused more from the front too, 'cause it’ll be judged on that pose. On the rear pose the priority is the appearance of the lat expansion, so you have to play with the angles, and hit the one that displays the most muscularity/size/width/thickness on your back.

The leg is brought to the back on the rear latspread too. Remember that judges examine the anterior and the posterior chain respectively.

Regarding the second question, sorry but I can’t help you.

I’m curious to see what DG and Stu can say about this one.

1- For the rear lat spread, it’s essentially the same (not counting the spiked calf), except most folks will hunch foward a little more after the actual ‘spread’ in order to create more of a cobra-hood effect when viewed from the rear.

2- Well, I’m no doctor, but is it possible that you may just have some seriously tight achilles tendons? I ask because one of my brothers has insanely tight hamstrings, which kind of puts him at a predisposition for constantly pulling them when he’s not careful, or adequately warmed up.