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two types of squats?

Ian King calls squats a quad exercise. Louie Simmons calls them a hamstring/glute/spinal erector exercise.
Some say the back should be upright, some bend over like a good morning.

The descriptions are so different they sound like two different exercises.
Can anybody shed some light on this?

Purpose, goals make execution slightly different.

Louie Simmons/Dave Tate/Westside = strength

Ian King = hypertrophy

This is even true with the deadlift.

2 different types of squats. one is a powerlifting parallel squat while the other is a olympic style full squat. In both you should try to never round the back at the bottom. The powerlifting stance is regularly wider but i’ve seen olympic lifters go wide on snatch lifts. The powerlifters tend to bend forward at the trunk as in the good morning. this is not doable with the olympic squat since the bar will fall forward. The olympic squats are excellent for overall mass development. use both methods for variation. laters pk

I can think of at least a half dozen types of squat.

It all depends.

There are easily a thousand types of squat. With a thousand different bars and a thousand different placements and foot stances, trunk angles, etc.

Get Ian’s leg training video and you’ll get an excellent demonstration of both types. All will be made clear, grasshopper. :slight_smile:

Like others have said here, it depends on your specific goal.
Hypertrophy is my game so I tend to follow the Ian King approach more often than not.
Variety is essential for many reasons so give them all an opportunity when the situation permits.

Okay, two factors primarily influence which muscles will be stressed in a squat (I can’t remember which of King’s articles this is out of. . .):

Foot position: The closer the feet are together the more quad involvement. Of course this means the wider the stance the more glute/ham involvement. If you look at the way the WS boys squat you’ll see they take a huge base so . . . glute/ham style squats.

Body position: The more forward you lean (like a good morning) the more glute/ham involvement there will be. The more upright your torso stays the more quad involvement.

That having been said we can see that it’s not a one or the other situation. Your glutes, hams and quads will all be worked in all squats however.

Wide stance<------------->Narrow Stance
Big torso lean<---------->Little torso lean

So remember that it’s a continuum so if you’re aftera a glute ham workout then take a wide stance with a big torso lean. (the rason WS doesn’t lean the torso too much is because it increases the distance the bar has to travel)

IF you’re after a quad workout then take a narrow stance with an upright torso.

An easy way to keep that torso upright is to move the bar in front of you so try a front squat (bodybuilder or olympic)

Hope that offers some clarification.