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Two Training Questions


right am going to sea for 3 months and my ship may or may not have a gym if it does i know what i can do to keep my body shape up, but if doesn't then what can i do to keep on putting muscle on?

also is it possible to keep body fat down so you look tone not ripped when bulking?


Body weight excersises. There are various different articles on this stuff around. Chins, dips Pull and Chin ups. Squats of differing variety. Buy a set of bands very easy to carry along and you can use them for adding various forms of resistance. Pick up heavy stuff. You see something heavy make it a habit to pick it up and move it around. Just get creative. You might check out some of Davies Renegade Training as well as other contribs.

To a point yes. In other words you dont have to become a FAT slob and shouldn't but You WILL have to accept some fat gain if you are adding any large ammount of muscle mass. This is different for everyone as to how much they require. You will not be as ripped as you are after a cut in any respect and shouldn't be. That lean (stage ready) is neither reasonable or healthy for long term. It all about getting a hold on your diet and accepting a bit of BF.

hope that helps,


want to keep bf down between 8-15% really.

thanks as well