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Two Towers


Came out on DVD yesterday! Thought it might be a good time to revisit this film and see what people have to say about the second installment of the series.




It sucked! There was too much philosophical mumbo jumbo for me to understand, and all action. That scene with the cake... I mean the hobbit was pointless.


I read that the expanded versions of Fellowship and Two Towers will be in theaters, one screen per market (between 100 and 150), a couple weeks before Return of the King opens.

That would be a great triple feature. They did that with Star Wars at the 15th anniversary (before they were cleaned up and enhanced). Watching all three together was the first time I realized that the movies had running jokes.


Bought it last night at Target (only 15 bucks!)

This film was amazing - you can never bring through the proper amount of Tolkien philosophy in a feature film (there was hardly any action in the book, never describing actual killing and battles, only dialogue)

However, they pulled it off.

The only regret I have is that they made Glimli (who was a very noble wordsmith in the books) the butt of all the jokes. That sucks.


GASP........you didn't just mock LOTR did you? I thought it was fan-fucking-tastic although i will mention i did have a dvd rip since december of last year. YEAH INTERNET. I can't wait for the 3rd one to come out. The only thing I wish was that it followed the books a little more closely but who cares. I give it to b33f sticks up.


My copy should be coming in the mail sometime this week. I thought it was fantastic. It is freakin amazing the effort that Jackson has put into these films. More than likely, Return of the King will be nominated for Best Picture. Not too shabby to have ALL 3 films nominated. I thought sequels were supposed to suck??...;o)


I've had the dvdrip for a while now. Yay for warez! I'm not really a big fan of science fiction or fantasy based movies but I thought LOR was fantastic. I'd put it up there with some of the all time greats.

I loved it but now am waiting for tonight. (meaningless post to jack up the numbers) I'm at 524, I think.


I enjoyed Part 1 much more than Part 2 - but maybe that's just 'cause I think the extended version is so much better than the theatrical cut...

I'm reserving judgement until the extended version comes out.


Haven't seen the expanded version yet (pt 1 was great), but I think they did a great job of translating the bk to film. Very impressive and probably my favorite big screen movie of the last year.

Course I am one who digs some philosophical underpinnings mixed in with the action.


kuri i'm with ya on that one. although it was a bit long in the theaters and the only reason i minded that was i saw it on imax and was way to close to the screen for 3 hours.lol


Legolas is dead sexy.


I'm reading the Fellowship of the Ring right now despite my hectic schedule. I realized that two long international flights I have in September would be a great opp to do so.

I own the extended version of FOTR DVD, and I liked it. I watched FOTR several times, and can't wait to read the actual text.

I'll buy the second DVD, but have no intention of watching it until I finish the second book in teh trilogy first.


Personally, whenever there's been a book-and-movie that I haven't seen/read, I make sure to see the movie first. If I read the book first, then my preconceptions of what the characters look like don't jibe with the casting in the movie, and I don't enjoy it as much. But if I see the movie first, then those actors become the characters for me, and I imagine them when I read the book.


Oh, and irondoc's a post whore.


Never mind Legolas

I'm sure Gimli, what with his fiery disposition has a devoted female following.

Ya know the saying "once you go dwarf you never go back".... ah, something like that.

Char: yappari, ore mo sou to omou.

I'm glad I saw the 1st 2 movies before reading the trilogy. Only problem is gonna be the possible letdown in storyline details of the 3rd film.


char-dawg was on the money.
but the movie sucked anyway.

Im hearing they will do a michael moorkok movie now "elerik of malnibune" I hope it wont be that bad.


I liked it better than the first. Can't wait for the final one. I can't believe some people thought it sucked. The first 2 movies are up there with my favorite movies of all time.


I saw the first, then decided to get the books. The 2nd movie was soooooo off base in terms of the book. The 1st was pretty close, but not complete. In the 3rd movie, there is quite possibly an even BIGGER battle than the one at helm's deep (which was only 2 of 30 chapters in the 2nd "book"). So I hope the 3rd is good, as the first two are two of my faves of all time.


Actually you're wrong...Jac-Attack and Stella are dead sexy. :wink: