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Two Torn Rotator Cuffs

I tore right shoulder bad, half loose on shoulder, but been a while and feels better. Left side just tore one of the small tendons off, hurts like hell. Both experiencing very weak power capabilities.

Been on TRT 3 years while taking Tes cipinate 200mg per week. But had fell out of care and not taking for 8 months. I should mention tes levels are lower than 127ng naturally. So, my dose is really TRT.

My surgeries have both been delayed 12 months and I dont want to sit around babying them any longer and wasting my life away.

I just started tes c 250mg x1 per week. I am in gym trying to rehab (not totally possible given fact probelms require surgical help), lifting 2.5 and 3.5lbs with left and 5lbs right.

This has been going on for 1 week and feeling good but not pushing shoulders hard as I cannot afford a major set back and more time out of work.

I know we cannot repair the 3 torn tendons. I know my right shoulder is partially out of socket and more muscle can move it out more without tendons holding it in proper place. I need to rehab or perhaps more accurately, i need to compensate as much as I can so I can function as close to normal as possible until or if i ever get surgery, without teearing myself apart.

Wondering is anyone has some solid advice as to doses, excercises, etc? Perhaps personal experience with same injuries?

Thank you all in advance for your reading and advice.

Check out Pre-Script dot com

Jordan Shallow, one of the coaches who runs the site, is one of the most respected rehab professionals around. He’s a highly competitive powerlifter despite not having much of a shoulder labrum, and massively helped out Joe DeFranco with his own torn supraspinatus tendon and labrum


Sounds perfect! Thanks bud.

Can you elaborate why the delay? As you said, you’re shoulders arent going to heal themselves. The sooner you get them repaired, the better. Can you change Drs?

Doctor failed to get pre-authorization request submitted by dealine. I had the surgery already, in right shoulder, but it didn’t hold, and need it again. First time took 18 months to get approved by VA…and other complicated details concerning VA bureaucracy not important, but assisting in this delay. Can’t change doctors with VA without additional delays.

In short, i have had my life on hold for 25 months waiting…then this disappointing mishap. I’m tired.of waiting, i have a life to live.

Hence the self help steps.


I understand. I’ve had 3 RC surgeries myself, the most recent on in January of this year. Hope the VA docs are good and I hope they send you to a decent PT. The PT is critical IMO. Mine made all the difference and took me seriously when I said I wanted to get back to performance level in the gym.

Good luck brother

Congrats! Hope I have as much luck as you Sir.

Thank you,