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Two times

Due to some time restrants, i have only been lifting twice per week for the last month. I have actually seen some improvments in that time. I was wondering if anyone else has done the same.

I actually trained 2x per week for about 4 months, and saw some pretty good gains. I trained monday/thursday and based my program around squats, barbell rows, chins, standing shoulder presses and dumbbell bench presses. I found that a lower rep day (4 to 6) alternated with a higher rep day (8to12) worked very well. Just goes to show that if you train correctly, you can make gains with very little volume.

WEll i have been training westside style for almost a year now, minus the chains, and have seen unbelievable results, as has my training partner. But since i have cut the volume back, my strength gains have been though the roof. I think it more has to do with the change of pase than anything else. the body was so used to high volume, that when the volume was cut back, the muscle had time to grow. I think it is too hard to find that amount of volume that prevents overtraining, so my philosiphy is to go balls to the wall then cut it back for a while, then balls to the wall again for a month or so. Any thoughts?