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Two thong shots from Paris..

First up is Paris, France. Sweeeet

And Paris, Kentucky. Must be the water?


I just laughed my butt off! Thanks for the effort, it was funny.


Are you American? If so, why all the slander about overweight American women?
Take a walk along a California/Florida/Texas beach some time. The women there, will put your little frenchie to shame.

ZEB, I think the woman in the second picture should laugh her butt off too.

i see thong shots like that every day at the local high school.

not that im looking or anything.

Hey I recognize that spot in Paris. It’s right near the arch. Great place from which to watch the Germans march.

Cut TME some slack man…I got that emailed to me a couple of weeks ago and those subtitles were on there already…
I dont think that second one started as a thong her crack just swallowed her granny pannies…

Good one MD.

MD beat me to it.

I want more shots of the French girl.

I’m gonna go look at porn,