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Two Things I Noticed After Modified Smolov

  1. Just finished the modified smolov 4 week type 2a back squat went up 20lbs atg. TY CT. Just knowing I had a different variation to look forward was a game changer.

  2. I have never had my long head of my triceps sore. I did Carter’s PJR pullover with an ez bar and fat grips and my tris have never been this sore. Lying ez bar tricep extensions always hurt my elbow and I never got sore.

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Got a video or discription of that exercise?

For stabilizing the shoulder would the hand walkouts you used with Daryl Gee work?

I honestly don’t remember that exercise, or at least not by that name. I recently wrote an article on thibarmy about 3 exercises to improve shoulder stabilization

The exercise was you put a plastic lid under Alex’s feet and he walked with his hands.

I would think that shoulder stabilization wouldn’t come from shoulder exercises but back exercises. That helped me with my shoulder stabilization issues before I had both labral surgeries.

I’m not saying that you are suggesting one way or the other. Just an observation.

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Right… that’s and hold one! It will give you a bit of shoulder stability if you keep your back tight, but it is mostly a core exercise.

what accessory work did you do for upper body?

where can i find the modified smolov program?