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Two Surge Questions

  1. How long after drinking Surge should one wait before having a meal?

  2. Usually I do weights and cardio on separate days, but occasionally I do cardio right after weights. In this case, should I drink Surge after weights/before cadio, or after weights and cardio?

I eat a solid meal 1 hr after weights.

I would drink Surge after the cardio.

If you’re exercising for a pro-longed period 90 mins or more, Surge after weights might be a better idea

1.) i believe the directions say 60-90 minutes
2.) drink the Surge after the weight and cardio session. don’t drink it before cardio bc you’ll just use it for energy to fuel your cardio workout.

I usually eat a meal anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour or so after my post workout Surge.

I’d personally use Surge after both weight training and your cardio session. Unless you really wanted to be fueled up for your cardio. If fat burning was the goal I’d have Surge again, after both.