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Two Scoops Transformation Pt. 2


Well…I’m back…

…and Front

Like I said…I’m back, it’s been a while.

I’ve decided that after spending my entire lifting career neglecting my arms I am going to dedicate some time to them.

I am currently doing Thib’s Ticket to the Gun Show Program.

I will have before and after measurements when I finish.

Current Weight: 172

You’re back, so you know to post legs, in that old picture they look pretty good, what they look like now. Good back, and maybe it’s how you’re standing but the chest looks like it may need some work.

Post legs please. Chest is lagging a bit but back seems pretty good. Could use some more width but who doesn’t. Keep it up.


Will post legs tomorrow.

My chest/arms are lagging because I would spending most of my time doing jiujitsu or olympic lifting, I have not benched in a couple years, which is why my chest looks so small compared to my shoulders.

Yeah, martial arts will definatly keep you lean. Good job though and start pressing.

definitly work on the arms and benchin, back looks quite dense tho. keep it up

Front’s for show,
Back’s for go.

I’ve spent most of my lifting career pulling and squatting, and this whole arms/chest thing is kind of unusual.

[quote]TwoScoops wrote:
Front’s for show,
Back’s for go.

Go and tell that to Mariusz Pudzianowski :wink:
Good work on the back and wheels, glad to hear that you don’t put form above function. But I think that you need to work on chest and arms not only for aesthetics, but also performance. Your chest is involved in all pressing movements, your arms are involved in almost all pressing and pulling movements. The reason I mentioned Pudzianowski is that he also does isolation movements like direct arm work etc. and I think that he is one of the most “functional” human beings ever. IMVHO it’s all part of the quest of building the ultimate body. But again, good job :slight_smile:


you have got a great platform to build on… you must be the 1 in 100 000 lifters who neglected arms and bench for pulls and squats.
you have a decent!! chest for limited!? horizontal pressing, so l would assume it will not be hard for you to hypertrophy it further.

good luck mate

I credit any development to the Jerk

Does anyone have a good chest dominant program?

Back Day:

BW Wide Grip Pull-ups: 4x8
Rack pulls: 365x6 405x6 455x6 500x6
1-Arm DB Row: 70x8 70x8 70x8 70x8
Rope Lat Pull Down: 80x10 80x10 80x10

got new pics?

Rest Day.

The camera in my laptop broke, but it is still covered but warranty thanks to Apple. I’ll put some shots up eventually.

Ya id tap that

Leg Day:

Back Squat: 8x225 8x235 8x245 8x255
RDL: 6x235 6x235 6x235 6x235
Walking Lunges: 7x70 7x70 7x70
Standing Calf Raise: 10x300 10x300 10x300

I’ve decided I don’t like my back, So today I began HSS-100 Back

Back Width Day:

Wide-Grip Pull-Up: 8xBW 8xBW 7xBW 6xBW
/Straight-Arm Pull-Down: 12x30 12x30 12x30
\Rope Pull-Down: 10x70 10x70 9x70
Rope-Row(bent forward): 8x85 12x70 11x70
Arc DB-Row: 100x10

Good Day, I could really feel my lats stretch on the rope-pull down. My triceps started to get tired in the 100 rep DB row.