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two ?'s

Sorry to ask this as I know it was asked and answered a few months back, but what was the Poliquin method to increase reps in bench at 225?
Also the night before games I cant sleep, what over teh counter sleep aids will help, without making me drowsy/dehydrated the next day. Thanks

I’ve heard that a zinc and magnesium supplement (ZMA) promotes better sleeping patterns, but haven’t used it myself. Search the forum for info on it…there was a thread recently. Good luck.

Not sure about the 225 bench, but I’m sure you can find it in the search engine. As far as sleep goes… I haven’t had a dream in over 5 years (well, I never remember them when I wake up if I do). I just started taking Biotest’s ZMA about a week ago and every night I sleep really well, and I’ve been having some crazy dreams. I feel much better when I wake up too. Most nights I don’t quite get 8 hours (usually like 7 - 7.5), but I feel refreshed when I wake up. Definately give it a shot dude, it’s worth it.

I think it was something like this…Perform as many reps as possible with 225 then rest as long as it took to perform the first set. Again perform as many as possible, rest as long as that set took. Repeat until you are down to one rep. This may be wrong, but that is what I remember. You could also try ladder method, where you and a partner go back and forth. You do 1 he does 1, you do 2 he does 2, so on and so forth. Don’t forget to increase your maximal strength. If you 1rm increases, in most cases so will your strength-endurance. Hope that helps.

I can’t help with Poliquin and 225lbs but as mentioned above, ZMA helps with sleep. It’s also a good idea to clear your mind, and convince yourself you’re going to sleep. Don’t stress about it, just tell yourself the sandman is on his way and you’ll be out before you know it (Chris Shugart recommended this recently and said he was preparing an article about it).

An approach that helped me with 225lbs testing, though I don't think it's the one you're looking for specifically, was along the lines of the 1-6 principle where I'd bench 315lbs for one and then 225lbs for as many as possible (without failure). I'd do this for 3 sets and then rep out with 225lbs for a final set ( by "rep out" I'm meaning go to failure). I was able to go from about 13 reps to 20 reps by testing (about 4 weeks of training). Working on technique is essential as well.

Ryno, just so you know, everyone dreams, whether they can recall their dreams the next day or not.

Yeah, I’ve heard that. It’s weird… when I was a kid, well up until I was about 16 (I’m 20 now) I used to wake up and remember everything I dreamt. Then I was introduced to reefer… it stopped right around that time. I quit smoking about a week ago, right around the time I started the ZMA… and the dreams started up again.

I’ve used melatonin for some time now to help me sleep. It doesn’t “knock you out” or anything, but if you take it about a half hour before you’re ready to retire, it makes you just drowsy enough to nod off. Also, it really intensifies your dreams. It’s OTC and completely safe as far as I know.

For increasing the reps with 225 the advice already offered was one of Poliquins suggestions. Another one was to find your 20 rm weight or however many reps you want to do and use small increments of increased loading. Another Idea is to put 225 on the bar and pick a time frame…10 minutes, 15 minutes whatever and try to knock out as many reps as possible during this time-frame. Try to beat your best effort in reps at each workout.