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Two Ron's Make a Right


These two seem to have a lot in common.


I've never read up on Reagan. I will now. Thanks. Every attempt was made by the left and right to discredit Paul in 2008. I think a lot of people will listen to what he has to say if he chooses to run again. However, he needs to lay out realistic plan. Telling people he wants to do away with the income tax is inconceivable to the majority of Americans. Is he an advocate of the flat tax?


too bad Reagan didn't write a single word he said. Guy was an actor through and through. watch so video of Reagan when tried to go off script was a goddamn train wreck. Ron Paul however is a fucking OG.


While Ron Paul does enthusiastically advocate the complete abolition of the income tax he nevertheless recognizes that its elimination, as well as the debt and spending, will have to be accomplished in stages.


If you insist that Reagan and Ron Paul are of like minds, I will change my opinion of Ron Paul.

Reagan was the worst President EVER and should have been hung for HIGH Treason. The scar Reagan left on America is very visible .

I know you think ALL things would work best by Libertarian standards but we need to take the good parts and leave the bad .


I don't think it's a great comparison. After all Ronald Reagan was the greatest of modern day Presidents. Low inflation, 20 million jobs created during his presidency, low interest rates, low unemployment. He was also a a great foreign affairs president. Who can forget the "Tear down this wall" speech that he gave in Germany. And what happened? They tore down the wall. Freeing students on the Isle of Grenada, bombing Libya, freeing Iranian hostages - No one was claiming that the job was too big for one man when Reagan was president. How I wish he were president today instead of that poor excuse for an executive and chief that we have now. (shakes head)


Reagan was the President who really sped up the deindustrialization of America, the birth of the Wall Street casino economy and globalization, and the destruction of private unions. That was not a good thing. He also presided over the first immigration amnesty act.

Public Unions I am not too big a fan of because they are dependent of tax payer money to even exist, however private unions were a big reason for the expansion of the middle class after the second world war. America is bereft of industry and private unions and full of derivatives and speculation. You can see the effects....an ever shrinking middle class, and an ever growing poor class. The gap between the rich and the poor is wider than it has ever been. The only thing America makes any more is war.

The only president who did more do deregulate and deindustrialize America was "Slick Willy" Clinton.


We don't need any stinking unions, public or private. If you are complaining about the gap between rich and poor don't blame Reagan it was very narrow in the 80's. Blame GW for some it and of course Obama. It seems that the chosen one has let his minion down by not turning the economy around as he promised he would.


Obama is a bungler, an incompetent and above all a Wall Street puppet. The hack politicians are not the ones who run this country. Let's get that straight.

The people that run this country are the rich finance oligarchs. People like Soros, the Koch brothers and Rupert Murdoch. These people all follow the line of deregulation, deindustrialization and the economic supremacy of speculation and hot money.

These politicians take their orders from the people that give them bribes, oh I'm sorry, I meant "campaign contributions". Obama more so than any other past president.

There is no left/right political spectrum. There is only the choice of one fascist political party or the other. War, massive immigration,globalization,and hyperinflation. Here are your choices.

And as far unions go, do you really think you would have any of the economic rights if it weren't for unions? Did you have a day off for Thanksgiving? How about for Christmas? How about workman's comp? How about a decent wage?

Do you really think any of the super rich would give the worker's any of these things unless they took them on by force years ago?

I am not disputing that some of the unions went overboard back in the day, but the pendulum has swung back totally to the other side. You have a nation of poor and new poor. Kids with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to colleges with no job and a worthless piece of paper. You can't even declare bankruptcy on college debt, you owe it for life. This is lunacy.

America has a crumbling infrastructure, no industry, no jobs, and no future. Unless we go back to American economics that worked in the past...industry, gold standard, regulations on finance....we are fucked. And that is a fact.




Over all I agree with you , I think possibly the answer is a labor part (politically) speaking


And I have to state for the record that Ronald Reagan sucks donkey dick :slight_smile:


No question Ronald Reagan was the greatest modern day president. I've not read or heard anything that respectably refutes that fact.


What do you mean by modern day president? Do you mean from Carter onward? That's like saying he was the least smelly piece of shit among the pile.


Modern usually means from about 1952-1960 onward.


good post, especially the historical role of the unions.

one question: Do you have public unions( as if the state owns and runs it ) in america? If so, thats fucked up! Labour unions should always bee free and not linked to the state. As an example of how afraid elite`s and autoritarians where of unions, just look to fascist italy, nazi-germany and stalins russia. It did not exist any free unions there, only the state union.


As far as I know, public unions are not state run in America. I live in NJ and the public unions here are a bit out of control. They continually bring up the line of needing to get paid as well as they do because if they didn't the whole state would collapse. Well, I got news for them...one of the reasons it is collapsing is because of the financial obligations owed to them. All the while the government sector continues to grow while the private sector, which the govt sector relies on, is shrinking by the day.

That being said, the public unions are not the real problem in this country and state, not by a long shot, not by a mile. The finance oligarchs like to play the middle and lower classes off against each other so that we are at each other's throats when we should be at theirs. All the while we are arguing against each other, the super rich are stealing billions upon billions from us.

Wall Street pays no taxes, there is no tax on financial turnover whatsoever. That is criminal. They produce nothing except profits. The real fight is, was, and always has been the people against the bankers and finance oligarchs. The sooner people wake up and see that the real enemy to America is Wall Street and the Federal Reserve Banking system and not some guys running around in caves with no shoes on, the better off we will all be.


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You are so loony I just can't believe it. What did people like you do before there was an Internet? Did you just tell your brother in law, and a few other relatives and close friends about your nutty ideas? Did you go sit on a park bench and babble to the pigeons. Come on tell me. I want to know.

How old are you and how long have you had these wacky ideas in your head. And I'm curious how did they get there? Was it your father, mother, one particular teacher? Is it certain literature you're reading? How does someone get this nut ass crazy?



I'd like to engage you in further discussion on a number of topics. Please give me your opinion on the following:

1-Who do you think killed JFK?

2-Do you think the US landed on the moon in 1969, or was it a fake?

3-Do you think Elvis is really dead?

4-Do you believe that our government has captured UFO's they're hiding somewhere?

Please post back I am very curious as to how you feel about these things.

Thank you very much.



What's truly disturbing is that you do not see the gigantic hydrogen bomb in the room that's about to go off. The entire country is supporting the speculative zombie bankers on Wall Street. Yes, the same bankers and hedge fund hyenas that are literally feasting upon whatever flesh is left on the carcass of this once very great nation.

My greatest fear is that these psychopaths and their lackies in Washington are going to start World War 3 in the insane idea that war is going to solve all of our economic problems. The threat is very real.

The path we are on now mimics very much what happened in the 1920's. A huge speculative bust, massive unemployment, Depression, austerity measures, the rise of radical reactionary groups and then world war.

Seriously man, do you see an economic recovery? Do actually think this past election is going to change the way business is done in this country? How about the financial collapse of Ireland, Greece, Iceland...soon to be followed by Italy, Spain, Portugal, and even Great Britain?

What do you think caused all of this?

And calling me a racist and crazy person because I oppose financial and economic oppression and war? What kind of a person are you?