Two Quick Questions

  1. How have people got on with T2? Have results been noticeable? I’m currently following the T-Dawg, using MD6 and I’m thinking of stacking the two products together.

  2. Anyone tried the new Myoplex Low Carb bars? Are they ok to eat when on the T-Dawg? There are only 3g of carbs per bar and 30g of protein.

As always, all advice is greatly appreciated.

First of all, T2 is fantastic. MD6 works 3x better with T2. Unfortunately, Biotest has been forced to quit manufacturing T2 and no longer sells the product, so you will have difficulty finding it (try some online supplement retailers who may still have it in stock). As for the Myoplex Low Carb bars, well, they taste like shit. They claim to have only 3g or carbohydrates, but they are not including oligofructose (a non-digestible carbohydrate) or glycerine. It is debatable whether or not these should be counted as carbs. You are much better off with Advanced Protein–it tastes better, it has fewer calories and fewer carbs and higher quality protein.

Although you may not be able to buy it at the Biotest store right now, you should be able to find it at stores and internet retailers for a long time to come.

Thanks for the info, I already use AP. My interest in the Myoplex Low Carb is because I’m on a business trip and may need the convenience of a bar.

I have access to T2 and will give it a go.

I’ve just looked through the forum and the same two questions are already kicking around. That’ll teach me to post without reading!

Yeah, I can’t wait for Biotest to start making an Advanced Protein bar. If you’re on the go, the Myoplex Low Carb bars are better than nothing. They are edible, if only barely. And it does have 30g of protein. I think you’re probably getting a few more carbs than they claim, but if you don’t have a can of tuna or some chicken nearby, give it a go. I think the Apple Cinnamon flavor is tolerable. Don’t buy the Blueberry flavor–they will make you puke. Definitely stack the T2 with MD6 though. MD6 by itself didn’t do that much for me, but I really notice the combined thermogenic effect with T2.

T2 is great, stock up on it while you can!!! It is the FIRST thing that ever actually helped me lose weight, and yes, I stack it with MD6

T2 reallys kicks ass. I used MD6 and saw little results physically, though it helped me more as an energy boost. However, stacking T2 and MD6 together allowed me to drop six pounds in three weeks.

Note: I just heard some really cool news about T2. Can’t reveal anything just yet, but keep your eyes on the “Behind the Scenes” column for more info.