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Two Quick Questions


Sometimes when I am lifting I get a strange tingling sensation in my arms. It occurs in both of my forearms and in the tricep muscle of my left arm, right above the elbow joint. It will usually happen when doing pullups/chinups, curls, or tricep pressdowns. Does anyone know what this could be and what could be done to help it?

As for my other question, sometimes when doing curls with a barbell I get a pain in my left forearm. When actually lifting it is kind of a dull ache, but once I set the bar down and release it becomes very sharp for just a second or two. Any information regarding this would be much appreciated.



I can totally relate to your second question, as I too get the exact same pain in my left forearm immediately upon releasing the bar from a set of heavy BB curls. It usually takes about 6 weeks or so of heavy BB curling every week for the pain to fully incubate for me, and at that point I have to lay off BB curl for a week or so and then I can get back at it.

What I do now is only do BB curls about 2 out of every 3 arm workouts and have pretty much eliminated that pain.

Wow...and I thought I was the only one.



Doing curls in the squat rack will help alleviate this pain. :slight_smile:


HMM sounds to me like a bit of tendonitis coming on. Some recomend rubber bands around the finger and then pressing OUT against the tension. Also hell if BB curls hurt then dont do them. there are enough other variations to do give something else a whirl.

Oh Flameout and / or high dose fish oils have helped my tendonitis a TON.



I also get the tingling in my forearms when lifting a heavy weight, i cannot find an explanation for this, i am unaware if it is fluid or if it is electrical to do with firing muscles,