Two Questions

This is really one “powerlifting” and one “bodybuilding” question, but the powerlifting question is much more important so I’m posting it here.

I recently did something minor to my groin yesterday. I probably just pulled a muscle or something but it hurts a little bit when I squat. It’s insignificant that I would normally ignore it, but I report up to college rugby training camp in a month and I’m not trying to take any risks. I was given a Macdow 5x5 template for my summer workouts, and I’ve been following it for the last month.

Originally my thought was this month to switch to a 5/3/1 for squats and deadlfts to maintain the lower body strength I’ve built this offseason, but the Macdow 5x5’s whole premise is that you squat every workout and you don’t fuck with the program. I don’t want to switch to a 5/3/1 rep scheme for every lift, because it would essentially mean I just wasted a month of training for all my other lifts, because with the Macdow 5x5 you only start to do your 5 rep max at the end of the sets 4 weeks in.

My main priority these next four weeks are to build upper body strength, since my lower body strength is where I need it to be but my upper body strength has been lacking for a while. If I keep up the original 5x5 program I was given I’ll probably injure myself, if I only do 5/3/1 squats once a week with everything else 5x5 it won’t be enough training volume since the whole program is based on squatting a lot, and if I switch to a 5/3/1 I won’t make much upper body progress during this last month. What should I do?

Today I went to my doctor for my checkup and she basically told me that I can be up to around 200 pounds at my height to have a healthy heart, and that the highest ideal weight would be between 190 and 195. Currently I’m in the low 180’s and depending on the scale I’m between 180 and 186. I’m not as lean as I’d like to be, my size gains this offseason were mostly muscle but I definitely lost my abs.

Hypothetically, if I were a bodybuilder and my goal was to be a lean 195, how would I train? Granted its kind of a silly question and I don’t really have to work hard or eat real big to gain size this year since I’m a good size for my position, but just from an aesthetic standpoint I’d like to be a little bigger and look better. My training strategy this year is just 5x5 and 5/3/1 cycles, and strength is my number one priority. However if there’s anything extra the bodybuilding contingent on here could reccomend that I could do to become bigger and leaner that would be greatly appreciated. When I say bigger I only mean 5-10 pounds bigger and as for leaner idk since I don’t know my bf composition but just to the point where I have decent abs.