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Two questions for Chris Shugart

Do you or anybody else know the carbohydrate content of sprounted rice? I could only come up with the content of dry or cooked but not sprouted. Second question, Any chance in Biotest coming out with a strawberry flavored version of Grow! Thanks Chris!

Hey, T! The Vanilla tastes GREAT blended with some frozen/fresh strawberries…(just a thought!)

  1. Nope. I seldom eat rice. The USDA site may have the info you need though.

    2) No plans right now for strawberry Grow! that I know of. Classic Grow! and Grow! bars are on the way however.

    If Biotest ever offers another flavor, I’m sure it will be strawberry; at least that’s what customers seem to want. But historically, strawberry doesn’t sell as well as chocolate and vanilla when it comes to MRPs and protein powders.

    Adding a small amount of strawberry flavored instant Jello mix (sugar free) into vanilla Grow! is pretty good if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. The cherry is even better IMO. Give it a shot. Real fruit works too, but it tends to congeal.

Chris, when you refer to “Classic Grow,” as did the brochures I received with my last order, are you referring to the ORIGINAL (higher carb) version of Grow? If so, praise be unto you! (And when will it be available again)?

Damici - Yes, Classic Grow! is original Grow! So Biotest will have Low Carb Grow!, Classic Grow! (full MRP with carbs) and Grow! bars which will be like MRPs in terms of macros. Not sure about the release dates. Bars will be blueberry, lemon, peanut butter and chocolate. When available, this link will take you right to the proteins at the Biotest store: www.growproteins.com.