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Two PRs Tonight

So I know compared to, well, just about everyone on this site, this is weak as hell, but I got two new PRs tonight.

235 Squat from 210 and 295 DL from 285. Think DL could have been higher, but I was dead tired from squatting and got sloppy on my last one and my back was sore afterward.

Anyway, yeah.

That was 6 weeks on EFS Basic training program, and just felt strong and wanted to see what I could pull off.

It’s strong for you, that’s what counts. The point is your getting stronger.

Congrats! keep going!

Congrats- PR’s are always good and let you know you’re getting stronger. Don’t worry about the numbers- Lifting more equals progress. Keep workin!

Awesome man :smiley:

It’s all about the PRs

Well done.

The way you get to big PR’s is by lots of smaller ones.