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Two-Player Games Online


Hey guys I'm looking for a free 2 player game I can play online with my friend in another state. Anyone have any good websites? Or any good games in general? I'm just looking for something simple and easy just to pass some time.


yahoo games are pretty good, you both need yahoo accounts though... the pool is pretty good, I used to play that. You can also play games through skype


Starcraft 2 or Diablo II/Diablo II LOD are both initial purchase only games. You pay to buy them and get unlimited online play free. Both pretty solid games.

If you're determined not to spend any money...maybe runescape? Not sure otherwise.


You guys both get webcam and see who can last longer.


Diablo 2 is great. Played it off and on (now off) from about 2005 to last year.

What genre do you like?


Play "Ookie Cookie" with one another...


I'm just looking for kiddish websites where we can shoot the breeze on. I was on addictinggames.com last night and we liked that. I'm not really into the whole diablo/wow thing (had to play them for a class in school and didn't enjoy it much). I know there's candystand.com too. Just some simple games like that. Any other sites like that anyone know of?


Okay please explain this comment? What level of school?


College- it was for an intro to writing course. The teacher was a grad student who "reads videogames like stories" so we had to "read through" aka play those games and then write about the "plot."

I'm a math major- the course was a treat considering I just finished C++ and wanted to rip my head off.


^obviously getting a doctorate, we know they really dont do much.

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