Two Perspectives on One Workout

So there I was, in the kitchen, hands shaking as I made up my post-workout Surge drink.

I had just spent about half an hour or so using my homemade sled for the first time - dragging plates up and down the drive, getting the feel for it. My heart was still racing, my legs were hot and trembling, I was sweating from head to toe. I felt pretty good too - the satisfaction of working out to a reasonable intensity.

And then my wife said: “I saw you from the bedroom window. I thought you might have dragged it up both sides of the drive, to even it out…”

I almost spilled my drink!

Attached picture (with homemade sled superimposed).

We’ve known each other 25 years this week, but I guess your never to old to learn 'n laugh! :slight_smile:

Just thought I’d share this.


Good one thanks for sharing and welcome to the joys of sled dragging.