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Two Part Plastics And My Job

Part of my day time job is to spray two part plastic.It gernerally last for a hour or two some times three. We have fresh air pumped in at 800cfm. I sometimes have to do it twice a Week.

The gave us a compressed air unit one for six crews so there is not enough to go around. It is tottally impractical to crawl on your belly dragging a houndred foot hose while pulling a fifty foot hose, and two five gallon tanks.

This is where you really need the compressed air.

Anyway after two hours I cough and gag all night with the forced air.

I am thinking about talking to the Doc., and getting x-rays on a good day, and on a night like this where I am gagging.

I think the shit eats your brain cause you get high after awhile, It allways seems to happen when you are furthest away from the exit,and just a short time from being done

What goes through my head is,

shit just ten more minutes…No I can do it IN FIVE FUCK i DO NOT WANT TO COME BACK IN THIS FUCKING HOLE.


I talked to a maintenance guy today. I am pretty sure the dude is rich. He is a physics major who got sick of the politics in his field, and dropped out of the industry. We talked about the chemicals companies use that cause cancer and kill people and how they do not really care.

So here I sit tonight gaggin coughing shit up. Thinking shit is this worth it max pay at my Co.is 16.49.
Guesse what I do not make.

Beyond the long term effects of this product. I really have not the urge to work out.

Ya know fucktheman I am goingtomthe doctor.

it sounds like you hate your job, quit.

I make 8.50/hour plus tips carrying mattresses, it rules.

Chemicals found in plastics (shit like Bisphenol A which is used in resins in plastics and an antioxidant for plastics) can cause your estrogen levels to skyrocket.