Two Old Birds Routine. Advice?

Hey, I’m trying to finish up my parents Christmas present tonight but I’m unable to figure out a good workout. They’ve both been trying to change their lifestyle (exercise/food) but being that they have no real clue as to what they should be doing they end up going to the gym twice a week and eating foods that are low in calories but SUPER high in carbs… So I’ve been writing out a simple meal plan for them which just breaks down protein/carb consumption so they can at least manage that for their meals throughout the day, but I can’t find a good routine. Both of them are trying to just lean out (they’re both 56) so I’ve never really made a workout for a male and female (because I find that if they workout together they’ll do it). Now I figured a 4 day a week program would suit them best (being on one off day they do yoga) but I can’t figure out a good breakdown of workouts for them. I know for reps I’m going to have my mom shoot for 12 reps but with AT LEAST 10 for every exercise and then have my dad do 8-10 reps per exercise (so he gets some muscle… I mean he’s male we all want some muscle!) Now I thought about this for the breakdown on workouts:

Day 1: Lower Body
Day 2: Chest/Back
Day 3: Arms
Day 4: Shoulders/Abs

But then I also thought about:

Day 1: Lower Body
Day 2: Upper Body
There would be a rest day(s)
Day 3: Lower Body
Day 4: Upper Body

I say rest day(s) because I want them to have some control over when they’re going to workout and such so it needs to fit around their schedule. All the workouts would be pretty basic stuff, just different dumbbell routines with some smith machine and Nautilus leg workouts.

Anyways, I was hoping someone would maybe shoot me some info on what they’ve tried/trained and what’s worked for them/other people that would be comparable in age. I would like the workout to not differ between them so they can motivate each other, begin that seriously I’m not sure if they would do it if they have to split up and be on their own! Thanks.

That is great your so excited for your parents but you need to realize a bodybuilder split like these will do more harm than good.

Try a 3 day a week program doing whole body followed by 30 minute cardio on a M-W-F schedule. Cardio on 2 additional days at 45min. will be a great routine.

Warm up
Leg press 3x10
Leg Curl 3x12
Chest press 3x8
Back row 3x10
Shoulder press 3x10 ( be careful on these)
Lat Pulldown 3x12
Ab work

Slowly add weight over time and after 1 month can add arm exercises and also calf exercises.

Your goal here is mobility, strength and confidence in your parents.

Hope this helps,


Yeah the three days of full body seems like a good way to go, but wouldn’t 30 minutes of cardio be a bit much after an entire full body workout? maybe i’ll have them warmup with a light cardio on training days for 15mins or so and then do a 45 min cardio season on two off days. thanks for the input!

Listen to Fischer. He knows his shit.

The cardio after a workout is not too much at all as long as the workout was done with no sets to failure. Easy at first and slowly advance the weight. Like if it is 3x10 it is using a 15rm (rep max) so not to crash the cns system.

The plus side is they will see that lifting isn’t that hard :slight_smile: at first because YOU are doing the programing.

Make sense?

MSM and fish oil should be in their supplement program.

Merry Christmas.