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Two of Poliquin's

Hey everyone,
I was reading some recent articles by Charles Poliquin and was wondering what you guys thought of a couple of his statements.

  1. In order to stay lean while bulking, he recommends upping your calories by 50% every fifth day, with all of the calories coming from carbs.
  2. Eliminate all cardio, regardless of what type of program you are on - it is too catabolic.

Although I respect what he says (and have met him - he is a nice guy) I find that his training principles are more geared towards the genetically gifted/heavily supplemented athlete. So what do you guys think??

Well, I agree that if you’re trying to put on some serious meat, cardio should be avoided.

instead of carbing up every 5th day, carb up every 7th. and if your just worried about bulking up, ditch cardio. dont worry, if you follow his diet, you wont gain any fat. my buddy and i follow the diet, and although we do interval cardio 2 times a week (2ish, we are on a 5 day split and do cardio on our off days) there have been times where we have gone a month with no cardio whatsoever and didnt gain any fat. and if anyone knows us, we are definately not genetically gifted. in fact, i think my genetics kind of suck, but i have found nothing but success following poliquin.

Where is the Poliquin bulking diet?

(The search feature is down, or else I’d use it)

I’d also like to say that, of all the writers who have worked for T-mag, CP’s workout advice has given me the best results (followed closely by Staley and CT). And I’m certainly not genetically gifted for bbing.
I think, though, that with the 50% increase using carbs, you need to be careful which carbs you use…