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Two New Seasons of T-Shows

Oh man I’m so happy we’re getting new seasons of these two great shows!

The Shield started this Tuesday, the first episode was one of the most violent ones ever and the suspense is back like never before. Looks like Vic’s bad decision in season 1 to plug Terry Crowley is gonna bring him down in the end. Nevertheless Vic Mackey is a T-man in my opinion, although it wouldn’t hurt him to do the Velocity Diet once or twice :wink:

24 will start with a 4-hour premiere this Sunday with a rerun on Monday. If you haven’t seen the prequel yet (available with the s4 dvd box) you should! (it’s also available on bittorrent but you didn’t hear that from me).
Of course I consider Jack Bauer to be a T-man too, I mean he kills like a hundred bad guys every season, if that’s not hardcore I don’t know what is!

I have to put in a plug for Arrested Development too, hardly a T-show but in my opinion one of the most funny sitcom’s ever! Highly underappreciated though, which caused its cancellation. Sadly the majority of the U.S. viewers have the attention span of a picket fence so they need easy humor or they won’t get the clue. Those damn fuckers at Fox even cancelled Monday’s episode at the last second while we still had 4 episodes to go!
If you’ve never seen the show, buy the dvd boxes, it might be the support that convinces Fox to reconsider their decision and prevent a Family Guy debacle all over.

Anyone know when Rescue Me is starting its season? Now THAT’S a damn good T show!