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Two Month Weight Gain


Wow, people aren't kidding when they say diet is more important than training.

In two months of using Rippetoe starting strength and drinking one gallon of 2% milk per day(on top of regular diet)...I gained 18 pounds!!!!

6'2 190 to 6'2 208 lbs!

Is that normal, or is there an extra large tumor growing somewhere that is adding extra weight?


That is a SHIT ton of progress for two months. Could be largely good though if you had been in an inderfed state.

How does it look fat to lean mass. 18 lbs of muscle would be VERY VERY noticeable.


I experienced the same thing when I finally started to eat lots of food, I always had thought that I was eating lots but I really wasn't. One day I decided that I was going to eat 6 eggs, 4 peices of toast and oatmeal for breakfast and 6 eggs with a couple large glasses of milk at night. With just these changes in my diet I gained 15 pounds in about 7 weeks(175-190). I didn't think it was possible to gain this fast without gaining huge amounts of fat but I remained fairly lean and my strength went way up(added 35lbs to deadlift). Ofcorse these were nebie gains but it was nice !


I don't know exactly how much is fat or muscle, but I would have to guess that more than half is muscle. I have put a LOT on my shoulders and chest.

I really didn't think it was possible to gain this kind of weight without steroids. I know it's newbie gains, but I hope it lasts for just a few more months (or never stops).


Definitely. But totally possible as a beginner for the majority of it to be lean mass.


Half muscle half fat would be about right for bulking-anything better is a bonus.

And the calories work out to about +1900 a day and 128 grams of protein. That would theoretically be plenty to add on that weight, although that much milk might be giving you a little more subcutaneous water.


Oh, yea, and a decent way to tell if it's mostly muscle it to measure a bodypart that you may be training but not necessarily "prioritizing" such as the forearms and calves. 10 pounds of solid muscle evenly distributed would be about 1/2 inch on the forearms or 3/4 inch on the calves.


Ah. I'll have to measure now, I didn't measure before I started. All of my pants still fit..........


Not really, if you haven't been training those areas they're not magically going to increase, especially in the beginning stages. Once you start moving heavy ass weight that taxes your nervous system significantly, everything will start to grow.


The forearms are a good gauge because they have to grow as your lifts go up. I didn't mean that you wouldn't be training you calves or forearms, just that you would be using a balanced routine.