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Two Insulin Spikes or Steady Insulin Peri-Workout?

Hi, first post. Forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong place.
I am 5’7", 172 lbs, around 13% BF, currently bulking after a cut that lasted January-mid March. Before I ask my question in detail, here is a breakdown of my diet:

Breakfast (7:30a)
2 egg, 3 white
1 cup oats
100g bluberries
100g greek yogurt
8g brown sugar, 8g dextrose.
728 cal, 18g fat, 97g carb, 45g prot

Gym (8:30-10:00)
Whey isolate and dextrose, which comes out to
400 cal, 1.5g fat, 63.5g carb, 30g prot

PWO (10:15)
Whey isolate and regular whey, plus dextrose, which comes out to
300 cal, 1.5g fat, 40g carb, 32g prot

PWOM (11:00)
Chicken breast
Brown rice
Mixed veggies
600 cal, 6g fat, 97g carb, 35g prot

For a snack I eat cheese, mixed nuts, and some pepperoni. For dinner I eat more eggs with cheese, green onions, and peppers, plus a very small amount of brown rice. Before bed I have 23g casien.
ALL THREE shakes have 4g creatine, and 5-7g BCAA.

Currently, I sip my intra-workout shake for about an hour or so, then once I’m done I shower then slam my post workout shake. So its steady carbs, then a spike on top of the already elevated insulin.

My question is, which of these is the most optimal way to consume my shakes for inhibiting muscle breakdown and promoting recovery?

  1. Steady insulin IWO, with a spike immediately PWO.
  2. Steady insulin IWO, with steady insulin PWO for the hour until my PWOM.
  3. Steady insulin IWO, wait an hour, then spike insulin again with second shake (then I will have to push PWOM a little later too).
  4. Spike insulin in the first half of WO, then spike it again sometime PWO?

Basically im wondering if the elevated insulin during my workout will decrease sensitivity of the spike PWO.

a 40 gram dose of dextrose will raise insulin levels for at least 2 hours. Blood sugar peaks at about 30 minutes, but glucose gets put into the liver over the first hour, and is released into the bloodstream over hour 2 which keeps insulin high for very close to 2 hours for most people. Your blood sugar may even be low 2 1/2 hours after 40 grams of dextrose because insulin is still elevated.

If you train hard while consuming 40 grams of dextrose, you might not get an insulin spike at all because your workload keeps your blood sugar from getting high enough to require insulin. The glucose can move into muscles without insulin. Maybe get a glucometer. IF your blood sugar is under 100 2 hours after the dextrose, then you can take some more, but if it is high (110+) then its not a good idea.

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