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Two Injections Into First Cycle. Pain Above Injection Site

Started my first test e cycle recently. Taken two injections using 23G 1.5 in each glute. I inject and have no pain for around 4-6 hours and then have loads of pain. My second one I did recently has been painful 3 days but strangely above the injection site, there is a red bruise.

Is this normal and is there anything I can do to prevent the pain and why would the pain be above the injection site.


Happened to me almost my entire first cycle. I think it’s just virgin muscle. I use a 25g

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I use Easy Touch insulin syringes. No pain.

28g-30g 1/2 inch needle 1CC insulin syringes

Oof… I wouldn’t use larger than 25g myself.

What’s the concentration of your gear?

Would 25g be okay for glutes? I’m using 300mg/ml

I had a lot of pain and swelling my first cycle as well. Moving down from 23g to 25g to 29g slin pins did not help. It’s us, unfortunately, not the pins (my take). Hoping things go smoother this time around.

I prefer 1.5" 25g needles for glutes.

When I did my first cycle it felt like I got hit by a softball for a couple days after my injection. Now I don’t even notice any discomfort.

Did you consider a different injection site? There’s quite a few

1” 25g is fine for glutes if you’re relatively low body fat. I do it no problems, but will be going to slin pins in my delts in the future.