Two Guys From Scranton

I can’t look at Joe Biden now without thinking of the fight with Dwight in the dojo:

"Michael Scott is gently excruciating, politely off-kilter, a man of hidden shallows. He is blazingly, blaringly white. As he put it in the diversity-training episode of The Office that set the tone for so much of what was to follow: ?How come Chris Rock can do a routine and everybody finds it hilarious and ground-breaking and then I go and do the exact same routine, same comedic timing, and people file a complaint to Corporate? Is it because I?m white and Chris is black??

As played, often brilliantly, by Steve Carell on NBC?s The Office, which has had a quality uptick this year after a wearying fourth season of forced shtick, Michael isn?t exactly a villain or even a jerk. He?s not quite a buffoon. He?s a social klutz, a failed mentor-comedian who can never get the laughs to fall in the right place. Or properly mentor anyone.

Michael, the suzerain of the Scranton office of the dismal Dunder Mifflin paper company, doesn?t give orders but tries to build support. He wants ? needs ? you to like him. He?s really the mayor of his little cubicle village, a politician. Which politician? One in particular comes to mind: the other eminent Scrantonian of our time, Joe Biden."

Joe Biden lived in Scranton for 10 years. It irks me how he always plays the “Scranton” card. He came back to do a book signing during the primaries…I think 5 people showed up, and they were groupies.

He does have the Michael Scott humor though.

I think Biden is more like Dwight than Michael Scott.

“Assistant to the Community Organizer”