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Two-Finger Chin-Ups


I wasn't sure where to put this sense I feel like Its a pretty dumb question but curiosity has gotten the best of me...

today when I was doing pull/chin up variations I decided to try some two finger chins not thinking I could do many.. if even any. Well they were easier for me to do then when I use a full grip.. much easier.. so I just did those for a while switching back and forth.

My question is... has anyone else experienced something like this. Could it be a muscle activation thing or maybe a mental block that I overcome when I use a weaker grip?!?

I'm just curious


Cut your other fingers off. They are useless at this point.


^ hahahaha.

i tried ones with my weakest fingers (baby and ring) before and it was hard as shit


that was what I was thinking.. but I couldn't find someone to do it for me.. really have to power through the bone.



maybe the weaker grip actually allowed you to use your back to pull yourself up as opposed to using more biceps.




Use straps one time and see how that feels. Then go strengthen your grip.


I'd def go with this. If you cant really squeeze the bar hard your going to have a hard time using the elbow flexors.