Two Fat Questions

Guys, I just can’t tolerate fish oil caps. So I have two questions 1)does CLA provide the same benefits as fish oil?(can they be used interchangebly) and 2)are there such things as omega-3 caps/pills that are not made from fish oil? Also Chris S. I will try those cor-omega tabs you wrote about. Thanks.

(1)No. (2)try the coromega. You can get omega three oils from flax oil/seed or perilla oil, but A. the body has to convert them to the active form found in fish oils and B if you take omega threes as flax/perilla you need to also gake GLA (e.g. borage oil or evening primrose oil) also.

What’s the problem with the fish caps? Just hate taking that many pills or is it the “tuna burps”?

Scott, thanks for the response. Can I get those omega-3 caps that also contain the GLA? I know there is a liquid form called “Omega Twin” that is a combo of Flax and Borage seed oil.

Chris, you called it. The fish burps are absolutely horrible. Even with a lot of food intake along with the pills, I can't get rid of them. I know this maY sound immature, but it really does hamper my day, I get nauseated and just feel "icky" LOL.

I was just hoping there was a good substitute for Fish oil caps…

i myself get some fish burps. Try taking some with a thick Mrp like grow, and i have yet to notice a burp when i do that.

The products like omega twin are designed to provide an optimal ratio of omega three to omega 6 fatty acids. This ONLY works if you are getting no other omega six fatty acids in your diet. Assuming that you eat some animal products and/or nuts you are probably getting enough of the other kinds of omega 6 fatty acids (GLA is an omega 6 faty acid). Thus I would suggest a tablespoon of flax oil per day and e.g. 2 mega primrose oil 1300 mg caps by twinlab (no commercial interest) per day. These do not result in the burping that bothers you. FYI: flax oil does not taste great and you would need about 15 caps to equal 1 tbsp.

JJ-I forgot something important. Taking your omega 3 suppelments as flax oil assumes that your body can convert it to EPA/DHA (the active ingredients in fish oil). This is dependent on having enough b vitamins (AT LEAST the equivalent of a “B-25”), enough trace minerals (magnesium, zinc, etc) and not too much of interfering factors e.g. hydrogenated fats.