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Two Exercises

Can anyone explain how to do scarecrows and flutters. -


Adam, this is the description of Scarecrows and Flutters in Ian King’s book “How to Teach Strength Training Exercises.”

  1. hold one hand up as if you’re being held up at gun point, but bring the elbow down as low as you can while keeping the arm perpendicular.

2. Take the other arm up behind the body and place the fingers on the shoulder blade of the side that has the arm in the air.

3. Raise the arm in the air slowly, feeling for any movement of the scapula.

4. If you feel any movement, terminate the range. reset. continue.

It's hard to picture it by the description in the book. His videos might come in handy.

Flutters are a little easier.

1. lay on your stomach and hold arms out to 90 degrees

2. raise and lower arms keeping them perpendicular to the body

3. focus on squeezing the shoulder blades together.

4. minimize trap movement, use a 2-3 second up and down

5. don't touch the ground with the arms between reps.

Both exercises are control drills. The scarecrows are part of a vertical pulling movement, and the flutters are part of a horizontal pulling movement.

I hope that helps!